Figured I oughta do this too

19 Mar 2006 06:51 #4974 by arionprime
Figured I oughta do this too was created by arionprime
Who me ?? Shyte I am just your typical everyday day with a wife that thinks the SWM is a short for Single White Men and this is all nonsense.

I work in a casino dealing cards to customer so that I can let them enjoy the thrill ride of making alot of money...but then when the ride starts going down hill, instead of being smart they blame me for their stupidity while they bet more and lose everyting they have made. Everyone from the poor to the rich they all fall in the end.

I am not tryin to find a woman in the world, I have one that I love but damn I would love to meet a woman that likes this stuff for real in real life...anyone out there ??


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19 Mar 2006 19:04 #4977 by ace191
Replied by ace191 on topic Re: Figured I oughta do this too
Back in the day, I used to enjoy playing cards with folks like you, when you dealt two decks from your hand, you didn’t hit soft 17’s and you would let me double on any two cards, split any two cards, double after a split and of course, surrender my first two cards before you looked at yours and get ½ my bet back. It was a lot easier to get the House’s money back then!

Now, with six decks out of a shoe and continuous shuffle, hitting soft 17’s,
no double after a split and no early surrender, one might as well just mail the Casino the check and not even bother making the trip!

My suggestions on the wife thing is a nice Halloween costume and flowers, then lots of compliments when she wears it and “Do what ever she asks” when she wears it for you.

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