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Sorry about my absence lately. It started with a very busy time at work, and then just as that was winding down a bit, we had a change of management who hired a new Head of Information Technology who is even more controlling than most IT types are. In short, our computer files, internet usage and emails are now closely monitored to make sure we are using them only for work purposes. It's not longer enough to get our work done. We now must not be seen to do anything with our computers except work.

Naturally, more time will be spent reading newspapers and chatting on the phone and by the coffee machine.

Unfortunately, my time corresponding with you and visiting the forums will now be strictly limited. I'm really sorry about this. I will check in when I can but I will become an unreliable and infrequent member.

I won't stop writing, and actually will have a new installment of Pendant Changes ready soon, so you will continue to see my contributions when I can find free time to post them. And they haven't yet clamped down on web email, so I will answer emails when I can.

Again, I'm sorry for this. When the climate of fear and intimidation eases I'll be back.

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10 Apr 2006 13:50 #5170 by schmoo
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Ahhh, so often the good news comes with bad. I'm eagerly awaiting that new installment of Pendant Changes, but it's sad to hear you've been cut off of SWM in the interest of higher productivity *cough* Perhaps we can enlist the aid of an ubergirl to "convince" management that they're on the wrong track.

Looking forward to your triumphant return, whenever possible :)

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