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09 Mar 2020 22:29 #67133 by elnovo1234
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10 Mar 2020 23:28 #67139 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic KAMEN AMERICA Superheroine
I'm going to rant for a second.   I really love that it was posted here, this isn't about that, finding things like this is one of the reasons I come here!

I liked this book, and I _was_ going to take a chance and see what it was like. 

Except I really like to get physical copies of things I kickstart and they are SOLD OUT OF PHYSICAL COPIES.

No explanation on how they could sell out BEFORE printing them.

And it's not that they don't want to invest in printing more as they're going swap the front/back cover and print a special run for a limited indigogo run.  They're willing to print more, just not to sell to me on kickstarter.    Why?  Why not just make them all the same and print enough to sell to kickstarter and some more for indigogo?  Hell if I know.   But I get the message: "we don't like you and we don't want your money". 

Also, to add salt into the wound, the PDF won't be released until ALL physical shipments have been made as  "we want to make sure that all physical rewards are fully accounted for before releasing a PDF into the wild."  So supporters won't get to see the thing they backed because you want to make them all wait for an artificial reason?   Yeah.  No.   Strike two.

I either try to remember to go to indigogo which annoys me as it's some other damn thing for me to track (and I have enough of those).  I have no easy way to remember "go to indigogo on this unspecified date in the future to find this and back it".  Nor do I really want to back it there.  Instead, I'll just honor their wishes.  They don't want to take my money, so ... the easiest thing is to just not give it to them and forget all about this.

I'm getting that message so strongly that I'll skip on chipping in to see the PDF. They don't even want to send me that when it's ready.  Who am I to disagree with their wishes to not take my money?

Honestly, this is the ONLY kickstarter I've seen that SOLD OUT of physical copies (not just special covers).  Maybe others do and I haven't noticed?  That's possible, I tend to back pretty early, esp on repeat things.  I won't be repeating this as I won't be aware of it (not a backer so I won't get update emails) and if I see it again, I'm pretty sure I'll just remember I said "Oh, yeah, I passed on that thing before" and therefore not worry about it and pass on it again.  Life is too short.  Next.

For me a kickstarter for a comic is pretty easy:

- give me a PDF only tier if I want it
- give me a tier with a physical copy and a PDF (and make that clear).  Please don't make me hunt around and try to figure out if I get the PDF when I get the physical copy.  Also, man, just send me the digital copy! (yes I want both.)  Also, don't charge me $10 extra for the PDF.  That's just rude.
- give me a tier to catch up w/ all pdfs and all physical copies (not needed for this one)  Or be clear in the text that you've sold out, so you can't offer physical back issues, but then make sure to include PDFs of all the previous stuff so I can at least read the digital copy.
- don't hold up the digital copy
- sprinkle in other rewards to make people happy (alternative covers, posters, etc).  I generally don't care about these but some do!  And I sometimes care when an artist I love gets a cover, and I like to support those.  Either way, I see it as a way to make some more $$ and I'm not against that.  Far from it.

I can't even easily tell them this because -- I can't comment unless I back the project.  I guess I could send a DM to the project backer but .... hell I ranted here instead.

I currently am backing 4 projects that haven't completed yet.   I looked and I have roughly 16 more in the pipeline (I might have digital copies but I'm waiting on the physical ones).  I like to back things to help creators bring their vision out.  I mention this as I actually DO look to support things like this so they get made.  And I have a LOT of books where I'm backing them as I backed the first one and thus, was an easy target to hit for the next one (etc).  I'm an easy target, so if you are doing something that upset me enough to make me rant, there might be something wrong w/ your business model.  At the very least maybe say "to print more would cost me $$$ and unless we sell a shit-ton I can't do it..." but I don't believe that since they are making the indigogo run w/ a new print run.  

Oh well, I usually don't focus on something that I dislike and makes me mad, I just skip to the next thing I like.  And that's what I'm going to do here, I just ranted first.  Anyway, if someone knows the people behind this, please let them know I heard their wishes to avoid having to deal with my dirty money, and I'll try to remember to do so in the future as well.  I really hate forcing people to do things they do not want to do.  Plenty of people want my money and are willing to take it from me.

I wish them luck and I hope things work out for them (they seem to be doing well on the kickstarter).  iI just won't be part of it. 

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11 Mar 2020 10:51 #67145 by rabid_schnauzer
Replied by rabid_schnauzer on topic KAMEN AMERICA Superheroine
Re: how to rant on Kickstarter.

Back the project  at the one dollar level, leave your comments and then cancel your pledge before the funding deadline.
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11 Mar 2020 11:56 #67146 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic KAMEN AMERICA Superheroine

rabid_schnauzer wrote: Re: how to rant on Kickstarter.

Back the project  at the one dollar level, leave your comments and then cancel your pledge before the funding deadline.

This is a very practical answer.  I generally don't do footsie things like this -- give support and take away.  But it's a logical, practical hack so I could vent to the creator.  As I said, I can also send the person who created this a DM with the rant, which is probably more productive. I might still do that.

But most of the fire is gone, I got other things to focus on in my life than some creator who ran an ill-set up Kickstarter.  I won't miss reading this, I'll be too busy on the zillion other things I want to consume.

This is the lesson in the current world: attention is the main currency.  You have a shot to grab my attention and hold it, and then parlay that into some more attention, and ultimately make a bid for my $$.  Flub that for any reason and you fail to get the $$ -- but you might also succeed with others for the same reason(s).  Nothing is free and it's all a balance....but making unforced errors isn't a great start.  I really can't grok what they thought they were doing, but I'm sure it makes sense to them somehow.

My particular set of oddities and preferences lost them my support -- I could easily send them $5 and get a PDF a few weeks later than I should due to some weird thoughts of theirs -- but ultimately not affecting me any and actually shipping pretty quickly for a kickstarter.  Most people were trying to figure out how to get the hard copy who wanted one -- I went right past that to "why are you making me work to get what you are selling". I don't want to have to work to help them.  That's the point: they already got a shot at my attention and wasted it, and ultimately, my time.
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12 Mar 2020 11:39 - 12 Mar 2020 11:40 #67150 by Markiehoe
Replied by Markiehoe on topic KAMEN AMERICA Superheroine
I did check and Twice is right.
They are SOLD OUT of physical copies.
How is that possible?
Was this supposed to be a limited edition?
Makes no sense.

Movin' on.
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24 Mar 2020 21:41 - 24 Mar 2020 21:52 #67246 by Helstar
Replied by Helstar on topic KAMEN AMERICA Superheroine
First time I actually contributed to a Kickstarter project in my life ... and obviously it did not work -_- this comic book does not like us superwomamania forum people lol

No matter how many times I tried updating the data, the system did not succeed in taking the money from my Mastercard debit card, and I have no clue why since it works ok everywhere else: ebay, paypal, patreon, clips4sale etc.

They started sending me once a day an automated email with the system error (but of course only in the last few days, I had no idea they did not actually take the money at once, back when i put the data), and I tried to fix it every single day, changing something in the card owner (unfortunately I have 2 names and the last one is even cut in half in the card), checking how much I had on the card (always way more than 5$)... nothing, after all these unsuccesfull attempts the backing opportunity is expired and I am forever out, can't join anymore.
It was just the digital copy but it sucks anyway.... I asked the creator if they are going to publish the PDF on selling somewhere else, they said maybe in summer with another backing in another website, bah.
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