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Shade was created by Sarge395
Scott Jones (aka Shade) just sent me my commission artwork. While I was away I had won it on eBay for what I thought was a big bargain. Shade is well known for his superheroine work. Particularly evil or aggressive superheroines.

I simply asked him for an 'evil Supergirl' and was blown away. Shade mailed me 2 versions of his vision. The first is an image of a trim but athletic Supergirl wearing black leather pants and a short halter top. Of course the 'S' is proudly displayed between her two D cup breasts. She has long hair just past her shoulders and is in a confident pose while staring down at you.

The second piece I received (surprise piece) is of a VERY evil Supergirl with a background of volcanos erupting and lighting coming down. She is wearing black thigh-high boots and a black top that is designed to NOT cover her breasts. The top covers her shoulders and continues on as long black sleeves. A flowing black cape is attached. Her blonde hair is blown about by the action in the background. An 'S' barely makes it between her cleavage. She is not wearing anything on her bottom! I was quite shocked and happy.

His email address is: Not sure what his rates are or if he is accepting more commission work.

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