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4 SALE, 4 Costume styles was created by Sarge395
Not sure where else to post this so here goes.

Ok all you Supergirl Costume lovers out there. I've posted a bunch
of pics of the 4 Supergirl costumes I recently ordered from a Chinese
vendor. Good quality and excellent stitching overall. I'm offering
up copies of these for $55 plus shipping ($10 per). These are custom
made costumes. The sizes are below. They will handle breast sizes
from B to D it seems. Any larger and I would go up a size. Wish I
had the models to try that out with.

A little history behind this adventure. My work buddy (Andy) goes to
China all the time for work. He is big into outdoorsy stuff and
found a local vendor to repair and custom make some things for him
cheaply. He showed me the business card and I started talking to
him. Andy was telling me about a bunch of 'crazy' spandex costumes
he saw in his little shop. hmmmm, I thought. My buddy doesn't know
I'm very much into the Supergirl/Superheroine thing. I ended up
ordering four variant costumes from the Chinese vendor and having them shipped to me. The shipping is a killer so I'm trying to get a larger order
(10+) to cut down on that.

Pay via PayPal only. I'm not into this for business or profit. My 4
costumes are all Small/Mediums. Please don't ask me for my contact
information in China. If you don't like the price just move along.
I'm not here to speculate or play any games.

DarkSG1sm - shiny almost wet look to it. My personal favorite. Cape
is dual layer. Red on the inside, black on the outside. Has a heavy
feel to it. Great quality. 3 snap-clips to hold it on the halter
top. 50% stretch.

SG1sm - Classic costume. Very stretchy, 100% stretch. 3 snap-clips
to hold cape. My sample had only the 2 front belt loops. I'm going
to have 5 on the rest. 2 in front as shown. 3 around the back.
They made mine per the picture I sent. No back picture so no back
belt loops. Cape is lightweight. Short zipper on back of costume to
assist getting on and off. It is maybe 5" long.

No SG emblem on cape. That is $5 extra for any of these. Lot of
custom cutting, stitching for that.

SGNewLook1sm. Stretchy and sassy. Lightweight material.

ShinySG1Asm. Classic with a twist. I've shown two pics of it so you
can see how it goes together. A bit heavier material. 50% stretch.
Short zipper on back.

S, 5'1"-5'4", 90-110 lbs

M, 5'4"-5'7", 110-130 lbs

L, 5'7"-5'10", 130-150 lbs

XL, 5'10"-6'1", 150-175 lbs

XXL, 6'1"-6'5", 175-195 lbs

Send me your questions/concerns via PM or on here. PM me if you want
to go in with me on a larger order. Do not send any $ until I'm sure
I have enough orders to make it worth while. No warranty, no
refunds. Only my honor and word are at stake here. This again is
NOT FOR PROFIT. The 4 samples I have are good stuff. The vendor
talks to me and has been great to deal with so far. Buyer beware as
always. Look in the files area for the pics of the samples.

I already have 1 order and I just posted this!

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