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I don't think this will work for non-US folks (sorry), but just search for Tiger & Bunny. I'm sure there are fansubs out. It's really popular.

I'm just getting into it now & enjoying it. Only watched the first 2 episodes. It's not really an "ubergirl" story, but I thought it was relevant enough to post a link just in case. Here's a good description I read:

"The story is about a group of superheroes who have mutant-type powers they call NEXT, mostly focusing on a slightly inept veteran hero named Wild Tiger and his flashy and suave new partner, Barnaby, a.k.a. "Bunny."

"The pair, along with a diverse cast of male and female heroes, are the stars of a reality TV series that films their crime-fighting exploits and awards them points for capturing criminals. The heroes are like treated like pro athletes, with costumes that have corporate logos for soft drinks, cell phone companies and restaurant chains, kind of like NASCAR racing cars. The concept is a fun, engaging hybrid of US and Japanese superhero stories. Think Astro City meets Bubblegum Crisis with a dash of X-Men / Legion of Superheroes."
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It is more or less like an ancient role playing game called Aberrant. Super celebrities sponsored by several corps saving the day and looking good front of tv cameras

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