Vividred Operation

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Vividred Operation is a new anime that started airing last week. The heroines are basically tech-based magical girls. The first 2 are Akane and Aoi, clad in red and blue respectively. In episode 2, Aoi catches a falling fighter jet and gently sets it down on a carrier deck. She then summons her personal weapon, a very large hammer. When it drops into her hands, the carrier deck she's standing on is cratered by the sudden increase in weight, and that's the only indication that the hammer is extremely heavy because Aoi wields it like it's as light as a feather, giving no indication that it's an effort to hold it up. The girls are a little too young to be sexy, in my opinion, but the character designer is the same guy who worked on Strike Witches so... yeah. When Akane and Aoi "Dock" to become Vivid Blue, the resultant form seems to be more mature physically, and after delivering the finishing move, heat is vented from her.. ah.. chestplate
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