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I recently discovered a manga and anime series from a few years ago called 'Freezing'. It's a joint Japanese/Korean series,dealing with super-powered teen girls called 'Pandoras' fighting alien invaders called 'Novas'. Pandoras also have male partners called 'Limiters' that can counteract some of the Novas' powers as well as 'freeze' opponents. In adition to superhuman physical abilities, each Pandora can create a special 'Volt weapon' to fight the Novas with. The series is set at an Academy where Pandoras and Limiters are trained.

There are also two anime series, both on Netflix right now.

It's a decent series, although very heavy on the fan service and blood (Pandoras can regenerate, so lots of the girls get limbs chopped off or die and are resurrected), so be warned.

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