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Yesterday, the fourth season of Symphogear, formally known as Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ, premiered in Japan and less than an hour ago, I found and watched a fansub of the first episode of the season. The first action sequence should be of interest to those who frequent this forum. For those not familiar with Senki Zesshou Symphogear, the heroines have the rare ability to activate special armor which allows them to fight monsters known as "Noise" which are immune to conventional weapons and any human who comes into physical contact with a Noise turns to dust in seconds. Only a girl wearing the special armor known as Symphogear can safely make physical contact with the Noise, and the weapons that are part of the Symphogear allows the wielders to eliminate the Noise en masse. The Symphogears are made by taking a fragment of ancient hypertech(referred to as Heretical Technology) and combining it with some more modern tech. The main gimmick is that the Symphogears are activated and powered by song, typically sung by the heroines as they fight(and the music CD sales for the various songs have apparently played a major role in motivating the creation of additional seasons of the show) but that's only background for purposes of this post.

In episode 1 of Symphogear AXZ, the first action sequence has the three main heroines, Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Kris, facing off against a military force that's using Alca-Noise(Alchemically generated/summoned versions of the Noise from the first 2 seasons. Alca-Noise first showed up in season 3/Symphogear GX) After cutting through the Alca-Noise, the girls take on the more conventional soldiers and tanks. It's a total curbstomp. Tsubasa blocks machine gun fire with her sword and makes it look easy, then when a tank fires a shell at her, she slices it to pieces in mid-air while she's charging the tank that fired it, before cutting the tank up too.

Kris, the team's ranged specialist, is occupied killing a pack of Alca-Noise when some soldiers open fire on her with machine guns and a rocket launcher. There's a slow-mo sequence where we see the REDICULOUS number of bullets in flight. Kris doesn't have time to dodge, all she can do is cross her twin crossbows in front of her face as the bullets bounce off and the rocket scores a direct hit. The soldiers are all "HA! We got her!" then the smoke clears and Kris doesn't have a scratch on her, Not on the metal portions of her armor, not on the cloth-like material that makes up the majority of her suit, not even on her bare skin(both her shoulders and cleavage are visibly uncovered) Kris smiles at the soldiers, spits out what I presume to have once been a bullet, then with a salvo from her twin crossbows precisely destroys all their rifles without hurting any of the soldiers.

While this is going on, Hibiki has been repeatedly slapping aside tank shells fired at her(each one she deflects explodes harmlessly on the walls of the ravine to either side) When the tank tries to retreat by backing up, Hibiki charges forward, rips the treads off the tank, then rips the turret off, scaring the piss out of the guys inside, who bravely run away. Moments later, another tank swivels its turret to try to shoot her point-blank, but Hibiki wields the turret she just liberated as a hammer, the impact of the turret bends the barrel of the second tank roughly 90 degrees from the impact. Finally, yet another tank fires a rocket-propelled shell(missile?) at Kris but Hibiki catches it with both hands, braces against the continuing thrust with a little help from the jacks on her boots to keep from sliding backward, then throws it back the way it came, Kris shoots the shell at the top of its arc and the explosion is enough to knock the tank over onto its side(I suspect that if it had been a direct hit the tank would've been obliterated)
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Great find, Jumper! Thanks!

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04 Jul 2017 23:03 #55145 by Akane
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Symphogear is godly, one of my favorite anime for its three seasons, the girls are incredibly designed with a lot of power and kickass fights and songs, the first episode of this new seasons surprised me with the incredible fempower scene against an army. I mean, we knew the power of the valkyries was great before but this is the first time we have seen them fighting this way against humans and not just monsters or mythical beings.

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