Transformatrix 4000 v2.0

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A few minutes later, out of the LaSalle bank, Chicago

Kelly takes a sip of coffee from a small tank, she finds it disgusting a spits it in a nearby manhole. 'Drawback number one.' she thinks 'Being a superhuman you risk to be killed by your own senses.' A couple of days before she passed nearby a working asphalting machine, a truly suicidal experience.

She studies the girl in fornt of her once more, she isn't particulary tall or muscular, but surely she looks pretty athletic, she has the look that many people automaticly associate with the idea of cheerleader.

"So what is this all about?" asks Kelly.

"Well, there are two issues." Amber brushes an imaginary strand of hair from her face, almost as she was expecting Kelly to intervene. Lois told her that both Jackie and Kelly are tough girls, so she is a little doubtful of how to approach them, in the end she opts for the direct route. "There is a rogue transformee out there, she is stronger than any of us, Kara is assembling a team to stop her, she... we need Jackie and you."

Kelly snarls a little earing the word 'us' used to refer to the transformees, she finds it racist. One of her uncles was a racist, he thought that being an african-american gave him a special right towards the whites, a sort of repayment for the centuries of slavery, he always spoke of 'us' and 'them'. On the other hand, her father, the minister, was an advocate of Martin Luther King ways.

"And what's the other issue?"

"That's not important if we don't survive."

"I strongly prefere to have all the information at once."

"Ok, Kara thought that you and Jackie can help her with some of the girls."

"Which girls?"

"Don't you know about the school."

"That school for transformee in the desert?"

"Yes. Kara told me that some of the girls need a little field practice, so maybe you two can..." The rest of the sentence dies in Amber's throat, she blushes a little, Kelly starts to look really angry.

Kelly closes her fists, her teeth rasps, but she calms down quickly. "She has to talk with my chief about that, I'm only a detective."

"Yes, but..."

"Anyway, this isn't the most pressing matter, right." interrupts Kelly "We better go to check, Jackie." Kelly looks up and shots into the sky like a green streak, shortly followed by the white streak of Amber.

Not far from the point of their take off, Manuel Herlioso talks with an old bald officier with an heavy Illinois' accent. "I'm glad she is on our side, chief..."


"But I really hate when she disappers without writing the report."

The old man smiles "As far as I remeber, Fisher have never been particulary fond of writing reports."

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"What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?" ("Gentleman" John Marcone)

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Jackie hits the remote and restarts the DVD she was watching, even being able to see and ear things miles away (not to mention through walls, a quite useless feat when you live in a flatlet), and capable of multitasking almost perfectly, she prefers doing thing the old way it helps her to mantain the world in the right perspective and moreover she is on vacation. She rest on the sofa dress in a gray tracksuit with an oversized sweatshirt. Before being zapped she liked the idea of a sweatshirt large enough to cover her whole body when she was in a fetal position, now she likes it because it is one of the few clothes capable of hiding her super powered body, without being a fireproof vest, wearing it gives her the illusion of being normal again.

In a minute she ears a light tap on the window beside her. "Come in, Kelly, it's open."

"How did you know?" Kelly asks landing through the open window.

"Well, thiefs don't tap, and you are the only person I know that can fly." the redhead answers rising from the sofa "And who is the girl?" asks seeing Amber still out of the window.

"Yeah, right. Come in, girl. Jackie meets Amber, she is here on behalf of Supergirl."

Amber lands gracefully and clasps Jackie's hand "Nice to meet you. Actually, Kara left that title a while ago, but it is correct I'm here on her behalf."

"You two must be quite close, if you call her by her first name." observes Jackie "Anyway what's the deal?"

"Deals. First a rogue super, stronger than anybody else, someone is putting together an improptu team to stop her. Second, you and me to do teaching to a bunch of super teenagers." Kelly says with a grin "I don't know which one is worst."

Jackie frowns and looks at Amber "I think I need some details."

Amber starts explaining while Kelly takes out a jug of orange juice from the firdge a takes a sip, attempting to obliterate the coffee taste that still plagues her mouth. It works pretty good, then she look at the TV. "Hey Jackie, what's that?"

"Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven samurais'."

"I know that, I mean the language."

"Oh, right, it's the original audio."

"The orig... You mean in japanese." Kelly looks at her friend with disbelief "Jackie you don't speak japanese."

"I didn't, as a matter of fact now I do, at least a little." Jackie smiles proudly "You know perfect control of my body and mind also mean that I can learn the phonetic and the grammatic of a language in less than 24 hours, especialy if you can hear some motherspeakers for a while in their country. The only problem is the vocabulary, but a few books and movies are of great help."

Kelly shocks her head, it has always been that way between them, of the two Kelly was the biggest showoff she is the first to get along with new things, but Jackie is the one who better understands the real potential. It was that way even when they do martial arts, Aikido first Muay thay later, Kelly progressed quickly, first but she slowed down after a while, Jackie kept a steadier speed. "So you are telling me, that you flied to Tokyo..."

"Kyoto, actually."

"Ok, Kyoto then, listened for a few hours to people speaking in Japanese and you learned it!"

"Well that is surely is a super feat for me." Amber enters the discussion.

Jackie turns to Amber "Regarding the traing thing I agree with Kelly, we can't decide."

"But..." Amber protests.

"Being a transformee don't give us any kind of special rights, Amber. We are still a police officier and a firewoman, we have to respond to higher authorities."

Amber looks shift from Jackie to Kelly and back again, she is astonished. 'Now I understand why Kara and Lois said that we need them. It isn't a matter of fighting power or experience. We need them to keep us form going on a power trip, to keep us honest, maybe even to keep some of us human.'

"Who is this rogue girl anyway." Kelly asks.

"I believe that her name is Tiffany Roberts."

"Nothing else. I mean, what's her work? Does she have a family? Anything?"

"I fear not."

Kelly takes her mobile "Maybe she is an habitual. I'll call the dept."

Amber looks at Jackie "So, are you in?"

Jackie thinks for a little while "Yes and no."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm in, but your plan means a lot of damage to anything and anyone around. So I won't fight unless thing are going really bad, you take care of her, I take care of the rest of the world, ok."

Amber studies the resolution that exudes form Jackie's face "I think that it can work, but we will probably engage her far from any inhabited area."

"It will be better, three years ago there was a superhuman battle here, it leveled half of the city. It took weeks only to remove the debris, and we found people..."

"WHAT?" Kelly shouts causing the windows to tremble "Are you absolutly sure? Ok fine, thank you."

"Bad news?"

"Worst that you can imagine. She is an habitual, she was so bad at first, but some stupid judge sentenced her for the maximum penalty, and she took it in the worst kind of way."

Jackie zips to her drawer and dress in a blink of an eye. It looks like a rough work so she chose a pair of tattered jeans, an old white T-shirt (with the X-men logo emblazoned over her left breast) and a pair of old sneakers. "It's looks that this will be our longest day. Better to move." she take off form the window, the others follows quickly.

When they are about three hundred feets from the streets Amber asks "I have a little question. Who is this Akira Kurosawa you were talking about?"

Jackie and Kelly looks at each other and answers as a chorus "Amber, you have a lot of catch up to do."

(formerly Anon, still Librarian)

"What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?" ("Gentleman" John Marcone)

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It was not going well for the good guys. A dozen transformees lay unconscious, and a dozen more were bruised, but Tiff stood unbloodied. Kara and her sixteen cadets had kept the collateral damage down, but still half a hundred buildings had been damaged, some by direct hits but most by minor earthquakes caused when Tiff slammed someone or other into the ground. And all the heroines had gained was a temporary cease-fire: Tiff was winded enough that she hadn’t taken the offensive--yet.

“I can take her,” said Regina George confidently, and descended from the clouds at top speed.

Tiff saw her coming and tensed for action. Regina was aiming straight for her. Tiff met her a thousand feet above the ground.

This earthquake was the biggest yet; windows shattered a mile away, and the impact crater was as wide as a small house. Only one figure rose from it: Regina.

“Thank God,” someone whispered.

But everyone heard Tiff hiss, “Bitch.” A blast white-hot heat vision stabbed out from the bottom of the crater.

Regina dodged easily. “You’re the bitch, bitch,” she retorted. “Do you need me to hit you again?”

Tiff charged. Regina met her with a punch, and the crater got deeper as Tiff slammed into the ground again.

“What should I do with her?” Regina asked, directing the question at Gracie Hart.

“Let me talk to her,” said Gracie. Tiff wasn’t unconscious, just woozy. Gracie floated down into the crater. “Miss Roberts, are you ready to listen?” she asked neutrally.

“F*** you,” Tiff blustered, but she couldn’t even say it clearly. “What do you want?”

“Miss Roberts,” said Gracie, with all the quiet authority she could muster, “you have a choice. You <i>will</i> pay for your crimes, but you have a choice. It’s very simple. You can pay by working, by using the gift you’ve been given to build instead of destroy. Or we can take away your powers and you can rot in jail until you die. Which do you want?”

It was pure bluff--they were no closer to understanding the transformatrices than to creating flying pigs--but Gracie knew she could run a bluff past a juvenile delinquent. The question was whether Tiff was stupid enough or stubborn enough to insist on going down swinging anyway.

Mere silence gave her the answer: Tiff would concede. If she’d still had fight in her she’d have told Gracie off again. Gracie waited patiently for Tiff to discover that for herself.

“What do you want me to do?”

“First you’ll help rebuild everything you destroyed,” Gracie said, trying not to sound angry. “Then we’ll see. But first-first...”--first she needed to get Tiff isolated, lest someone else with more anger than sense--however justified anger was--rouse Tiff’s temper anew. “First-first we need to go somewhere quiet so I can explain the rules. Can you get up and follow me?”

Tiff sat up gingerly, and Gracie saw that she was black and blue in a dozen places, including her upper lip and right eye. She moved as if she were concussed. Carefully, she stood up and then rose a bit off the ground. “Where?” she asked.

“Follow me,” said Gracie, and set an easy pace into the sky. The no-longer-rogue transformatrix obediently tagged along.

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