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Game Idea

16 Aug 2016 17:57 #49637 by castor
Game Idea was created by castor
Its kinda of obvious i think there hasn't been a really good Uber Video Game. There are some out there that are okay, and some that do a decent job of batshit powerful-Saints Row 4, etc. But none get the real kinda of moxy of it-in part becuse well its a game and games have to create some kinda or risk-you can loose, supergirl has to get beat up.

I had an idea going through Teltales Batman Game-which spoilers i kinda like-it does maybe the best job i have seen in any media of making Bruce Wayne, who may be smart, rich, and strong but Seem like a guy whose probabbly about 50% tricks and he knows its. The Most Vulnerable Batman i have seen in any Screened media, and that is something. Its also an adventure game, ie not a game where combat is a big deal. still a point it is very hard to impossible for Batman to actually loose in the combat.

But theres another game out there. In the Moderns Kings Quest Second Chapter you play a king who has to save his subjects from A goblin Den-but the trick is you can fail at that. You can fail at saving all of them, i am not sure you can save all of them-but you can survive without it.

Which goes to a lot of adventure games-you don't die(well in kings quest you die but thats legacy), but you don't always come out great.

And that kinda becomes an interesting idea for an ubergirl game. There maybe combat and smashing and probabbly should be-but thats not the same as winning. There could be puzzles and maybe even stealth sections which you can end early-but well..... if your trapped in a room you could knock down a wall, but thats not going to do great for the buildings stability.

There is a Superman game for the N64 where the city is the thing with the life metter not you-but i honestly think it would be more intresting they don't always surface-you may or may not know about someone who dies or a building thats destroyed, but you can see the reminance. Subversively maybe the villains die, and you have to see how you feel about that.

Just as they say an idea curious what people think

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16 Aug 2016 19:33 - 16 Aug 2016 19:34 #49639 by LustMonster
Replied by LustMonster on topic Game Idea
I agree that the challenge in an "Uber hero" game shouldn't be whether or not you can do certain things, or whether or not you get injured/killed by them, but the effectiveness of the actions you take in accomplishing each scenario's goal.

Sure you can smash all the buildings, cars, etc. in front of you, but then you'll likely kill the poor helpless victims you're supposed to be rescuing. But the game should still let you do those things.

An "uber" game in an open, do-anything sort of world like Grand Theft Auto would be awesome!
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16 Aug 2016 19:57 #49640 by AuGoose
Replied by AuGoose on topic Game Idea
Spiderman: Web of Shadows did a fantastic job of pitting you against dozens if not hundreds of small instances of fighting 4-8 thugs and making it FUN. You were never in serious danger of failing, but the scoring was based off of how much style you put them down with. To bounce and leap and pummel and take out 6 guys without your feet ever touching the ground while mixing punches, kicks, web tricks and wise cracks.

The Lego games are essentially un-losable. You might score more or less poorly, but you simply can't lose. And yet they are still charming and fun.

The challenge definitely doesn't have to be backed with mortal peril to work. :)

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