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City of Heroes is backish

18 Apr 2019 21:02 #63764 by murdough
City of Heroes is backish was created by murdough
In case no one has already heard, it turns out that for the past 6 years a privately run server had been allowing people to play the classic superhero MMORPG City of Heroes that had officially shut down back in 2012. A former developer had given the server code to an associate. It's existence had been relegated to rumors, due to tightly controlled NDAs and a highly selective invite only policy. Recently a former member of the server's community blew the whistle. Needless to say that the response was....mixed. A lot of anger and sadness, death threats, etc. The CoH community was and still is a passionate bunch, myself included and thousands of people were upset that they hadn't been given the opportunity to return "home", aside from incomplete and marginally playable emulations. Well, the folks behind the server were forced into damage control mode and have just released the server code to the public. That's right, with the right equipment, it'll be possible to open more private servers, though obviously it'll take time for anything to come of it. Thus far, NCSoft, the company that ran City of Heroes and who still owns the IP haven't made any comment regarding this. It's possible that they'll let it slide, like other companies have in terms of emulations of other MMOs like Star Wars Galaxies. Or they might go full on cease and desist. Time will tell. Still, the code's now in the wind.
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20 Apr 2019 03:28 #63783 by Jabbrwock
Replied by Jabbrwock on topic City of Heroes is backish
NCSoft has a history of shutting down stuff like this. Or at least trying. Honestly, if somebody wants to get serious about setting up a private CoH server, there's not all that much the company can do - not even Blizzard was able to shut down the bigger private World of Warcraft servers once they went to the effort of avoiding Cease and Desist orders.

But going to that effort is expensive and not entirely safe, so it's quite possible that nobody will do it.

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