Steele Sites Suggestion?

05 Aug 2007 21:28 #9984 by mercblue22
Steele Sites Suggestion? was created by mercblue22
Hello all,
I am currently a member of Mandi's site and loove all the pics there. I do have a slight problem with the site and the other Steele sites too. I would like to take the 30 days to view the entire site, but thats impossible being each set has 80-90 pics per batch. I can't devote each day to dling each pic, in hope of viewing/saving them all and I can't afford another 14.95 at the moment for another month. So, I wanted to ask the mods, if you dont mind batching all the pics in each section in a zip/rar file, that way we can view the pics at our convenience. I have about 10 days left in my subscription and I'm only 1/4 into the huge Mandi site. What do you all think of this any suggestions?


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07 Aug 2007 01:23 #10006 by Sarge395
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I suggest you simply pay for two months at least. $15 is too much for hundreds or more likely thousands of pics? Grab the best ones you want for now and maybe rejoin later. I think that zipsets are not there for a reason. They want you to pay and support the massive amounts of work they have put into the site. Personally I'd like to see zipsets as well but I would temper that with only having a limited amount of material at a time. Basically there would be say the last 10 new sets up with a rotating set of 10 more older sets. If I was the owner that is how I'd do it. And I'd be dang sure that you would get a brand new weekly set each week. The more support in terms of funding those pay sites get the more they can hopefully produce. Not to mention gorgeous professional models cost a bit more than normal.

Just my $.02 Anyone else feel free to chime in.

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07 Aug 2007 23:15 #10016 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Steele Sites Suggestion?
I personally don't download any of the Steele sets to my computer.

However, if I did, I would definitely prefer zip sets. It would make it so much easier.

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