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It's Tuesday, February 28, at almost 11 PM EST. I'm in the SWM chat room. Come join me!

As for why this is in the suggestions section, there are two reasons.

First, I couldn't find a more appropriate subforum. A "miscellaneous" subforum might be in order, if admin's got nothing better to do than to create it. Not enough activity to really necessitate it, though, so it might not be worth the effort.

Second, here's my suggestion. How about people proposing times to schedule chat sessions, when we all agree to meet? We've done it before, but it doesn't seem to be too common.

Anyway, I'll be in the chat room for at least half an hour, while I work on my story for workshop 2.4 in another window. If you show up, I might not notice at first, but I'll check in. Come say "hi" :)


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