Who do you support through patreon

15 Nov 2015 08:51 #45175 by fats
hi all,

TwiceOnThursday's post in the "Who or what is your avatar" thread got me wondering, who do you support through sites like

It would be cool if we could build up a list of artists or models that we support.

What do you think?

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15 Nov 2015 09:20 #45176 by Woodclaw
Replied by Woodclaw on topic Who do you support through patreon
Sadly I currently support no one through patreon since I don't have a stable income that would allow me to do so. There are at least 10 people, some are friends, that I would love to support, but I can't. :(

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15 Nov 2015 11:47 #45177 by Markiehoe
Replied by Markiehoe on topic Who do you support through patreon
I support AZ Powergirl through Patreon
She is so much more than a Cosplayer
I have met her inperson at a convension in 2012 and really got to know her through Facebook friendship.
She actually interacts with fans.
Two months ago at Baltimore Comic con when I came up to her table she got up and gave me a big hug!
I introduced my wife to her and they hit it off.
When we were leaving my wife pulled my sleeve and said:"You were right, she is a sweetheart."

I also support Mort Todd making Comics.
For one dollar a month you get weekly new comics featuring old Charlton comics characters by very talented artists and writers.

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16 Nov 2015 04:17 #45193 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Who do you support through patreon
Hey, since I was name checked, I should respond to this shouldn't I? ;-)

But as it happens, I actually wrote a journal on DA about this last night. I support a fair amount of artists, though commissioning and through Patreon.

I don't see any reason to repeat all that here -- and it has some image samples and links to not only their patreon but their artist pages (etc). Plus if you care you can look at my Gallery of art (Supergirl is probably my #3 commission target after She-Hulk and Zatanna). There's even a nice gallery of all the Supergirl art if that's your thing. ;-) You can let me know if you liked what you saw (either on DA or note me here/etc).

(if people can't read it for some reason I'll post just the links here.)

A few have found my commissions and posted them here. I tend to not do that myself, it just doesn't seem quite right. I have no problems with other's posting them here. It usually makes me smile when I see that someone liked it enough to share here.

Most of my patreon list I think would interest people here -- if only to check out the artist's work even if you can't support them. Certainly if you've not looked at Elizabeth Torque, DanDonFuga, or Didi-Esmeralda's art you're in for a treat.

I think many here would find the web comic SuperBitch interesting.

Not on the journal entry: (mainly as he has a pretty good income already and the post was too long). He does the web comic , and again, I think many here would find it right up their alley. -- I shouldn't have left him out, he needs more support. I'd like to see what he does if he has more time to devote to art he can share.

He also submitted an entry into the contest, so deserves our support:

I currently have a commission out to him, I'm pretty excited to see the finished piece. I think it'll qualify as "bad ass" when it's done. Topic: Supergirl vs. She-Ra.

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