Happy New Year - 2016

31 Dec 2015 11:58 #45873 by fats
Happy New Year - 2016 was created by fats
Hi all,

I would like to wish on behalf of the staff here a Happy New Year to all members. 2015 has been a great year for us and i hope with all of the members support we can have a great 2016.

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31 Dec 2015 14:46 #45875 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic Happy New Year - 2016
Happy New Year!!

A part of me still can't believe that, after decades of waiting, 2016 will be the year that Wonder Woman finally makes her big screen debut. That, plus a Supergirl show already airing, not to mention all the other superheroines popping up all over, are shaping up 2016 to be quite a year for our genre.

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31 Dec 2015 17:09 - 01 Jan 2016 09:27 #45877 by castor
Replied by castor on topic Happy New Year - 2016
Things i am looking forward .

First the top 10 stuff from other people

Marvel and Disney

10. Captian Marvel and well Marvel- I suspect by the end of the year your going to start to get annoucnments for casting For Captian Marvel. Beyond that there is kind rumblings that they maybe doing something with Ms. Marvel(which could be fun) and ever so distant rumblings they may do something with Squirrel Girl. If they do that, is almost certainly going to be the news of the year for me, this maybe wishful thinking but well...we can hope.

Also Spider Gwen Sony Maybe still doing a female lead movie. And maybe this is what it is-Spider Gwen is comic wise the best Debuting comic of the year. Honestly this may never happen Debuting comic of the year by a wide margin...i donno i kinda could see it happening

9. Star Wars-A bit of a cheat as where not going to get Episode 8 until 2017, but do like how they setup its hero as a powerful competent, but basically good female Jedi.


8 . Powers, and Jessica Jones-I thought Powers was pretty bad show around a couple of intresting ideas about what heroism means. Jones was a movie that got dragged out. Will probabbly hear something about the second season of both shows this year, and i am glad both shows exist, and kinda have some hope that Jones will improve(though like a lot of Netflix shows the binging factor is a negative to television).

(I'll also make a note for Agents Carter which is a grower for me show wise-its not ubergirl-its a spy show with a tinge of Superhero stuff[which means its most spy shows] but its fun).

Ditto Blindspot which feels a lot like Lost and has flaws but gets points for Knowing how to use it star, Having some of the best action on TV and Being the most sucseful Debut of the new season.

[and why not honrobale Mention Reign. This show is going to get canceled sooner rather then latter and kinda suprised it exists..but this an intresting look at female power thats not physical in anyway. There are people here who would like it)

7. 100- Not Quite Genre, but thought i would mention it becuse there is an intresting core here of this Sci Fi show of the relationship between its Female Hero and the Female Villian., as they dance around either loving each other or hating each other in a doomed earth.

6. Legends of Tommorow- This show looks intriguing, and it may do some intresting stuff genre wise with both of its female leads. Not sure i am going to watch it every week but theres something there

Top 5

5. Ghostbusters-its not according to hoyle Ubergirl, but this does look like an intresting movie that could be terrible, but theres a core here of fun. The Orginal Ghostbuster DNA is all over modern Superhero movies and to go to back to the source could be inspiring.

4. Sucide Squad- Sucide Squad was one of my favorite comics growing up. not quite sure why. I always kinda liked Deadshot as a character and i can really see how his story of a bad man who finds a measure of grace if not compassion would be intresting one..but beyond this looks like a movie where the central stories Enchantress, The Wall-Harley Quinn, are all around its female leads and realy does seem like a backdoor to A Harley Quinn movie-is she an uber girl? Not perfectly but as a female superhero she is suprisingly compelling and fun, and this status as supehrero movie without a giant budget, but style and intriguing leads could be really intresitng.

3. I Zombie- Still a great show. Still a funny comedy bueatifully shot an acted that i wish got more attention, and gotten better at dealing with its weak points t from the first Season.

2. Batman Vs Superman-this looks like an intresting movie iregardless of the Wonder Woman Factor. Curious where they take this, and maybe the movie i am most intrested this year.

And the winner

1. Supergirl-its getting better and better every episode. Its pilots had flaws but its gotten better-the Sister is no longer just a stick in the mud and its kind of devoloping into a real relationship.The Devils Wear Prada storyline has gotten more intresting and human, The astra plot still can feel power rangers at time but at least there moving it, and the fight action has gotten better at what they can do with a budget if its not perfect-which is honestly my compliment. This feels kinda like Izombie- This isn't a perfect show-but its getting better-and i could see this show lasting 5 seasons nad saying the first one was the weakest one.

Honrable Mentions:Age of Apoclypse Star Trek and Deadpool all look like there going to have some measure of Girlpower or at least Female Action characters. Divergents First movie i really liked-its second not so much, but willing to give the third one a shot.. Shadowhunters looks bad but well will see. Electra Woman & Dynagirl i am intrested in seeing and at the very least curious how it does

(To me the fun part at one point this was a top 4 list..and i had to add some honorable mentions)]

For me 2015 was the year the mainstream kinda figured out what was true before-the Female lead action and just Female lead stories do very well and can succeed-and hope it continues I am also excited by Youtube and what that can do and the any day you may find something neat quality. i hope that i hope here that we get more suprises more announcments and see what happens-is it all going to be great from a genre or other standpoint. No But it can be fun.

Which leads to my personal top 3.

3. I am looking forward to Writing more Stories and seeing where they go.

2. I am looking forward to exploring diffrent ways of doing fiction in the next year-its kind of my new years resolution to experiment in things like twine

1. I am working on a very elaborate project that i am not at liberity to talk about quite yet that could be very intriuging, as part of DUO. Hope to at the very least tell more next year.

Until then a very happy new year to all of you SWManiacs

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01 Jan 2016 00:07 - 01 Jan 2016 00:07 #45879 by Dru1076
Replied by Dru1076 on topic Happy New Year - 2016
Happy New Year, my fellow SWManiacs.

2016 shall indeed a bumper year. Here's wishing everyone the best for it :)

"Stupid Reality!" - Homer J. Simpson
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01 Jan 2016 06:36 #45880 by Raa
Replied by Raa on topic Happy New Year - 2016
Happy New Years from Chicago!

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