What is happening with superman?

04 Feb 2016 11:13 #46321 by fats
What is happening with superman? was created by fats
what is going on with superman, it seems that he has new powers, does that mean that eventually SG will get new powers in the show?


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04 Feb 2016 12:24 #46322 by Markiehoe
Replied by Markiehoe on topic What is happening with superman?
I'd personally like to see the producers refine Supergirl's current powers and explore their strengths and limitations.
Supergirl's new power of the week is not the show I want to watch.

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AZ Powergirl as Domino :) :)

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04 Feb 2016 16:32 #46326 by jdrock24
Replied by jdrock24 on topic What is happening with superman?
Well, we've already seen Supergirl's version of the "solar flare" when she burned her powers out when destroying Red Tornado. From what I understand, the idea came to the writers directly from the recent Superman comic book. I hope they don't take further inspiration from it. SG is powerful enough as it is.

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05 Feb 2016 21:06 #46350 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic What is happening with superman?
Supergirl (comic) did a "solar Flare" ability when the current incarnation arrived at Earth. The only difference in the Superman one is that it seemed larger and it knocked out his powers.

Listening to _modern_ communications with this ability is pretty stupid. Analog radio signals are pretty easy to turn into sound waves, the vibration of the waves directly relate to the vibration of the sound. So if he's listening to FM or AM radio, that works in line with his other inexplicable powers. Digital communications are completely different, and having Superman's Ears suddenly be able to decode (and sometimes decrypt, like all modern cell phone calls) digital signals on the fly is just a bit silly. I guess his Super-Brain is handling all that.

The TV show should really do what they did with the Solar Flare and adapt/use into the Mythos as fits their stories. But I hope they don't worry too much about finding out new powers for Supergirl, and work to better show/understand/use her current powers. They seem to be doing that, though they don't seem to have a handle on how strong she should be.

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06 Feb 2016 06:18 #46354 by Brad2
Replied by Brad2 on topic What is happening with superman?
Ah, yes, the solar flare thing. Personally, I always despised that idea_seems like a great way to make Superman or Supergirl less super. I figure that the hero(ine) can respond to the solar flare idea in one of two ways:

1: Learn from it and hold back by not using her super powers to their fullest extent, and hopefully avoid burning out her powers. Only problem with this approach is that she might need to bring the full extent of her powers to bear on an opponent that's powerful enough_holding back in this instance could easily result in her defeat.

2: Still use her powers to their fullest extent when necessary. Only problem here is that, if she burns out her powers, she's helpless for the time directly after the burn out. Just think: What would CBS Supergirl have been able to do if Astra or Maxwell Lord had been around right after her fight with Red Tornado? At that point, she could have been easily captured or killed off.

For these reasons, I consider ANY idea that says Supergirl or Superman can lose their powers by over using them to be ill conceived and not a good idea at all. I much prefer the approach where her powers are gravity based (someone from a world with high gravity has greater strength on a world with low gravity_just look at how high astronauts could jump on the moon! I doubt they could leap that high on earth.). The science of this approach is much more sound, and the heroine wouldn't have to worry about power loss resulting from over use of powers. Wasn't there a thread on that topic a couple years back? I'd much rather see a gravity based CBS Supergirl over a solar flare CBS Supergirl.

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