CW to end in season streaming deal with Hulu

21 Jun 2016 17:29 #48710 by TwiceOnThursdays
CW to end in season streaming deal with Hulu was created by TwiceOnThursdays
Due to the CBS and WB deal with Netflix, CW is ending their in season streaming for CW shows.

This affects me, because it's how I would watch Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie.

This end result of this is that depending on where CW offers streaming ... I'll probably wait to watch at least Arrow, and maybe some of the other shows. I love iZombie, but i can wait for it to appear on Netflix, doubly so since they've apparently shortened the time from the finale to the season appearing on Netflix. Probably do the same for Legends of Tomorrow.

I can always just buy Flash and Supergirl, likely it'll make the cross over episodes suck. I'll also have to really think about Supergirl, and maybe the Flash too (it depends on how long the Flashpoint story runs, so I'll wait to see if it's a few episodes (OK), or half/all a seasons (not ok).

If they put it on CBS All Access, I can pick that up (at least I can get that to my Roku). There is a CW Seed channel, I just added it, hopefully it doesn't want a cable TV subscription. If the shows are there, hopefully that will work.

(An Apple TV channel will work too.)

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