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German Scientist... was created by Berkhart

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Berlin, 1943...

(translated from original language)

“At last, my uber formula is complete, and I, Inga VonSnier, shall be the first and last to try it!”

The evil genius injected the serum, and waited for it to take effect.

“Yes! I can feel the strength flow through me! The power is indescribable!”

Inga slammed a fist through the heavy stone wall of her laboratory, and marveled at how easy it was to pulverize the solid surface into the dust.

“Ha ha ha! I have the power of an entire army at my command! The Allies will be helpless to stop me. I will blow their airplanes from the sky with a single puff of super breath! With a single hand, I shall defeat their armies! A single stomp of my foot, and Washington D.C. falls to the ground!”

As her power continued to grow, Inga made a fist, while imagining the future.

“Soon the entire planet will be firmly beneath the heel of my stiletto jackboot! Ha ha ha ha.....

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10 Apr 2009 00:10 #15394 by willow
Replied by willow on topic Re: German Scientist...
Here is an image also a little close to your story idea:

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25 Jun 2009 21:25 #16003 by random101
Replied by random101 on topic Re: German Scientist...
Hi there. I'm the guy who originally commissioned that Russ Platt drawing (and boy did he do a great job of it!).

I'm not so keen on the Nazi angle to this Von Snier character but you might also find it interesting to view my commission piece alongside this piece:

If you view them together they become a kind of before and after of the mad scientist who is meddling with forces beyond the dreams of mankind and is locked away for being mad. Possibly would shake her fist at the night sky during a thunderstorm vowing "I'll show them... I'll show them all!!!" then escapes, tries the formula on herself and becomes more powerful than anyone could have possibly imagined...

I love those kinds of super transformations from frail waif to ultra powerful amazon (muscles and boobs are such a great combination in my opinion!)

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