Cassie's Formula

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Cassie's Formula was created by Monty
Chemistry student Cassie had been working on a formula that could increase fitness and strength. The only drawback was it drained the vitality from others into the recipient, as she watched a mouse in it's cage grow as the surrounding other mice shrunk in size.

"Yes! It Works! I wonder if it works on humans tho... only one.way to find out..."

Sunday morning, and the small college running club had gathered in the park for their weekly run.

 "Ok, we all set?" said the rather busty Naomi. She had joined the club to try to tone down her assets a little bit.

"Hey, what's that you've got there, Cass?" as Cassie pulled the phial from her shorts.

"Oh, just an energy drink I've been working on in the lab the last few weeks"

"Yeah right, good luck with that, you're always the slowest round the park!" laughed Jez and his equally athletic brother as they watched her tip the phial to her lips....

 "Hey! what the hell is happening to me? Am I losing weight?"

"Me too!" said his brother.

"Me three!" gasped Naomi watching her chest shrink, "What the fk is happening to my great boobs?!" as they watched each other's bodies become smaller.

Cassie's formula had worked! She felt her infused body soak up power as she bounded off at incredible speed full of energy, strength and vitality!

'I wonder what will happen in the busy campus cafeteria tomorrow?' she smiled to herself as she planned on using her next phial...

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Haha, time for a new girl to Teuser's Formula? Pinging Cf!
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