Grey November

03 Dec 2007 13:28 #11044 by alternate_histories
Grey November was created by alternate_histories
A surprise update today.

JH, who some of you may know edits some of my stories, has proven he’s a skilled writer in the past and has just done so again.

Set in my universe, Grey November is the story of a man who once had it all and was let into the biggest secret on the planet only to loose it when his reach exceeded his grasp.
Now, five years later he’s on the verge of starting it all up again, except this time it’s the Arions who are interested in him and if he can’t make it up with his lost friends he may never be found again.

A terrific first chapter in what I hope will be a long and entertaining series.


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03 Dec 2007 18:59 #11045 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Re: Grey November
An extraordinary AU-verse story, Tarot.

JH as usual is an incredible storyteller, setting a mood and doing some creative stuff with envisioning a dark future where humans and Homo Sapiens Supremis interact.

I'm always interested in mysteries where the good guys and the bad guys are hard to sort out. JH excels at that.

But you do have to know something about the AU-verse to appreciate all the nuances of his plot.

Looking forward to more...


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