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Hey guys and gals,

I was trying to figure out a possible re-start of the BronzeBabe and Friends game and instead came up with a rough idea a little different. I'm posting this rough draft here and in a few other places to see what you guys think about it. Comments and suggestions are welcome. I'm not sure if I'm up to tackling it, and most definitely won't unless there are enough creative people interested in helping me with it.

Alien Invasion

My name is Dana and I've saved the world ten times over. Theoretically, my job description is supposedly keeping the world safe for humanity. Practically, it’s a whole lot different. I do the jobs no one else can; the dirty, messy nasty stuff necessary to keep things running smoothly, and I do them quite well.

But I don't get applause or parades and no one knows who I am. Even the people I work for, the people who've raised me from an infant are scared of me and they should be. For one thing, I'm not physically like other humans. And thanks to the kind folks who nursed me, educated me and trained me, I've never been under the illusion I am human. I am an artificial construct, a cybernetically enhanced composite organism specifically designed to kill efficiently and evade detection.

This is my story and the story of those I work with. They're human and I like them. I feel sad when they get hurt and glad when they're happy. I also admire them. They risk their lives because they're heroes. Some of them even sometimes forget what I am and treat me like friends. That's another reason I like them.

Welcome the world of the very near future when nations are mere puppet states and corporations pull their strings. In this capitalistic world, the only brake on greed and avarice is public opinion, save for one small agency, composed of scientists soldier and spies who take orders from one person, the Secretary of the United Nations. This small agency, known as the Department has existed for decades as a tool to combat rogue nations and to maintain the stability of even member nations.

Ten years ago, this changed as humanity faced its first external threat, the invasion of extraterrestrials. Fearful of mass panic, even the heads of corporations turned to their governments and eventually they turned to the U.N. for a way to combat this threat. The Department answered the call. The men and women of the Department now act as a sort of super police department, tracking and rooting out alien infestations.

Game concepts:


Thinks cross between Men in Black, Invasion of the Body Snatchers as far as aliens go. They look human and even act that way for weeks at a time. They're the bad guys, out to rape the earth of its natural resources and eventually, if not stopped, enslave its population.


With the exception of Dana, mostly human. These scientists, soldiers and spies are the crème de la crème of their fields, are well paid and their families are well taken care of. They need to be, because the mortality rate of field agents is appalling.

The Plot

Mostly day in the life stuff on Department agents, their families, friends and significant others. From mundane days at the office staring at computer screens to eradication missions of known infested sites and even to the assassination of alien collaborators, the Department agents live dangerous and adventurous lives. They work hard, and yes, they play hard too.

This will be an adult game.


There will be NO alien player characters. Likewise, all player characters should be human, or at least over 90% human, with small cybernetic enhancements which must be fully detailed in character sheets submitted.

Dana is an exception and that's because her player happens to be the GM. Rank has a few privileges at least.

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