"Red Vixen" full-length, full screen at New Goddes

04 Jul 2005 18:52 #1657 by wise_z01
Check out the new movie "Red Vixen" on the website New Goddess Cinema. It's a 48 min. film that you can download high quality featuring 2 superwomen... One good one evil.

The story is simple: A superheroine named "Red Vixen" most stop a bunch of criminals led by a supervillainess named "Dragana".

After beating up all of "Dragana"'s partners "Red Vixen" goes after the villainness for a big fight... But "Red Vixen" underestimates "Dragana" and almost gets herself killed during the fight. However, "red Vixen" will eventually find out Dragana's weakness.

Throughout the movie, there're many "strength related" scenes. (performed by Red Vixen or Dragana) Throatlifts (at some point Red Vixen lifts 2 guys at once and tosses them away) she stops a car with one hand, punches through the car window, opens a locked door, one guy tries to hurt Red Vixen by hitting her with a steel bar but she didn't feel the hit, then she turns around and grabs the bar from the guy's hand and bends it easily... "Red Vixen" also stops a bullet with her bare hand. Alot of fights where the guys are easily defeated (Dragana breaks a guy's neck) etc, etc...

You can watch the trailer and some pictures on the website: Here's the direct link to the movie. Really entertaining!

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