New "Shadow" Movie at New Goddess - 2/23/05

23 Feb 2005 19:11 #241 by lfan
New movie for download at thier site, featuring Shadow, a futuristic heroine:

Any reviewers out there wanna chime in?


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24 Feb 2005 01:27 #252 by Sarge395
Replied by Sarge395 on topic Not my taste
She looks a little 'thick' in the hips. Love the outfit and I'm sure she has a bad attitude which I truly like.

My biggest complaints about New Goddess are the low to medium quality of the video, short lengths, and the price. If the quality and length went up I'd have no problem buying more of these. I did buy SuperJade a while back and liked it. Cheesey and the stunts were pretty amateurish but I liked it overall.

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01 Mar 2005 18:56 #332 by wise_z01
I agree with Sarge395 about the short-length of the movies at New Goddess website. It would be great if they were a little longer (I don't care much about the quality though. Off couse it could be better, but then it would be longer to download :)

Anyway, I had nothing to do the other day, so I bought their latest one. Lemme tell you this: If you're a fan of a (very) tall woman in black latex outfit (wearing a mask, gloves) kicking ass to a couple of guys... you'll be delighted!

This is what the movie is all about. A superheroine punching, kicking, lifting, tossing around a bunch a bad guys! That's basically the story: "Shadow" must stop a terrorist organisation. However, the "bad guys" find out her weakness and steal her powers for a while. So they tie her up on a chair to shoot her... But... she's not dead, and gets her powers back for the final fight!

I really liked it. I was disappointed with the previous one they released, "Mia, vampire slayer" but this one... wow! However, there's no such thing as bending steel bars, lifting a car or any feats of strength... Simply a super-strong woman dominating guys.

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