"Asami" and "Supra Girl Resurrection" from Heroine Movies

22 Mar 2015 00:20 #41095 by heroinemovies
Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and those of you familiar with will know that most of the content there tends to be pretty "peril heavy," but I wanted to mention a couple of recent videos (directed and produced by me) that feature quite a bit of "girl power" content (in addition to the usual peril).

ASAMI features lots of back and forth fighting and several minutes' worth of domination by the main superheroine of two male thugs, as well as a shorter scene of physical domination and intimidation of a male thug by the superheroine in "street clothes."

SUPRA GIRL: RESURRECTION also features some back-and-forth f/m and f/f fighting, with a few minutes of domination by the superheroine as well.

[SPOILERS!] Both films culminate in fairly extended sequences of "peril." However, both superheroines emerge victorious, with Supra wrapping her legs around the baddie, choking him, and breaking his neck.

Anyway, just wanted to mention these videos in case they are of interest to fans of this forum. Thank you!


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22 Mar 2015 14:56 #41115 by Sarge395
I appreciate your post here. However it looks like too much peril for my tastes. If it was female on female fighting I'd be interested. But only if the women were gorgeous like Supra Girl.

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23 Mar 2015 19:54 #41131 by Markiehoe
These two offerings are pretty close to something I might watch.
Asami and Supra Girl both look great in costume

I hope HM keeps us informed of any future Good Girl or Girl Power videos he might produce.

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