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05 May 2017 08:51 #53902 by rivet
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BLUF: Free SSL certificates from .

Background: I noticed that my browser warns me about the login being unsecured. I figured it may be a concern, and since encrypting the internet is a good idea I figured I'd point this out in case people aren't aware.

LetsEncrypt has been around for a while, and we're using it extensively at work. There's some technical things to learn, but they're not excessively difficult for the benefits.

Basically you either install something on the web server to confirm you own the site, or you use your DNS system to prove it. If you use Microsoft's DNS service then you can automate the entire process. (It's probably possible on other platforms, but we've found Microsoft to be the most helpful)
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Look, I hate to sound like an ass, but I will anyways. This is not what this forum is for
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05 May 2017 19:24 #53918 by Woodclaw
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While I appreciate the concern I tried to reproduce the warning in Firefox and Chrome and I got it only once, so it might not be an issue with the site but with a specific browser configuration.
Aside from that I'd prefer that links to suggested softwares to be sent via PM or the front chat. When I looked at this thread first I thought it was some kind of advertisement and I was about to take it down.

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another option is startssl

it's free
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