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04 Nov 2019 16:15 #65456 by Lupus753
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For NaNoWriMo, I'm writing a story about a superpowered woman - named Tiffany Jackson - who is married to a normal woman - named Alice Watanabe.

I'm making up the story as I go along, but I try to make the relationship perfectly loving, to the best of my meager abilities. In addition, I have decided that a big reason that Tiffany fell in love with Alice is because was one of the few people willing to stand up to Tiffany when she was a bitch during middle school.

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06 Nov 2019 00:15 #65485 by Klaus
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I'm writing a story set in the Aurora Universe by shadar with a fairly heavy focus on the relationship between a Terran, Jasmine, and the Velorian Hilda.

As Hilda literally crash lands in Jasmine's kitchen like meteor, their relationship gets off to a dramatic start!

I'll try to keep their relationship... grounded. There's a give and take in any serious relationship between two human beings, even when one is a superfemme and the other is a normal human. There's bliss for Jasmine, and the comfort of human contact for Hilda, which I've come to think is extraordinarily important and valued by Vels.. There will be tension but also passion and pleasure.
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11 Nov 2019 21:50 #65590 by MisterK
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My Ms. Infinity novels have a lot of family scenes in them.  Bonnie Boring (Ms. Infinity) is close with her mother (from the same planet, so also "super," but doesn't have a public identity. ) Bonnie is in her twenties but lives with mom (careers going nowhere--superpowers have no answers for tak life after all.) Her father is not in the picture, He's part of the reason they left the native world. 

Anyemway, despite their alien origin and powers, they are surprisingly normal. Bonnie gives her mom endless attitude. Mom give advice, and has limited patience for her superhero life, which she finds frivolous (though she eventually comes around to appreciating it.)  She wants her daughter to go back to school and get a "real" job, saying "I can't support you forever.."

Her boyfriend Hal and best friend Lisa also live at home (It's NYC. Who can afford the rent!?) Thre are subplots with their families too. 

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