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Instead of making a new topic I will post this here. So I was reading through some stories in the library recently and ended up re-reading Supanji. It got me thinking of other movies that could be superfied.

I'm sure most people here has seen or heard of the movie Battle Royale, but for those that haven't a quick synopsis.
A class of kids are kidnapped and put on an island and are forced to kill each other. To aid them in this endeavor they are all give supplies and a random weapon, ranging from a pot lid to a machine gun.

So with that in mind I was thinking a Super Battle Royale.
Where a bunch of people are given random powers, ranging from super strength to underwater breathing or the likes and are then incentivesed to fight each other. Each time someone defeats someone they are given their power/s.

If nothing else I think superfying movies could make a fun workshop theme.
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