Super woman story prompts

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Not everyone can form an idea for a story at the drop of a hat. Some people need some help getting the creative juices flowing. So come on, let's have some ideas to help our fellow writers put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard in this case).

Here's a few to get you started:

A father has a problem. His daughter has just brought home her first boyfriend, and he's worried. So he has to set about getting him to end the relationship before it gets too far without her knowing. Why? Because he's scared for the boyfriend's safety at the hands of his massively super powered daughter.

An army sends out a group of experimental super solders to take over another country. Their only opposition? A lone woman. They don't stand a chance.

In a fantasy world, there exists a party of adventurers, consisting of the standard five man band. The lone woman among them is deemed to be the gentle, kind hearted healer of the group. Which is really frustrating for her, since she knows she's more powerful than all of them combined.

In a normal suburban house, a woman is dating/married to a top class superhero. For her, it's actually surprisingly easy. Now, not letting him find out she's actually a lot more powerful than him? That's a lot harder.
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The world’s mightiest superheroine and her husband are dealing with her first pregnancy.


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