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Without pain?

She sat up, confused.

She could remember this morning, breakfast. Going out to the market. Waving to her parents. Walking down the familiar little winding street. She must have… what? The market wasn’t far. She would have…

She looked around.

It was her ward spreading out around her, but it was burning. Buildings made into torches as far as the eye could see. People wailing, screaming, aflame. Smoke rocketing skyward on the currents of searing air rushing up past her, fluttering her clothes.

She rolled over, seeing people standing on rooftops, some pointing, at her, reaching out…Crying for help. To be saved from the building burning down around them.

She looked down and screamed at the 8 stories of empty air beneath her. She was… flying?

She saw the couple on the roof below her, the roof being eaten away by the inferno it stretched over.

Their hands lifted towards her in final, fatal desperation.

She reached back, and began to move towards them, her speed increasing with her own desperate need to save somebody from this nightmare…


Greetings all,

I have been putting together a writer's guide for a new superheroes setting. It will feature powerful women with remarkable powers on a global stage. Several writers you might know from their work here have signed on to create stories in this setting with me serving as managing editor. While the emphasis will be more on modest power levels and subtle psychic abilities (and the lives of normal people who have to deal with supers all around them...), there will be a few full-blown supergirls. I look forward to sharing stories about that last group here 

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The lead writer on this project will be Harmony Motion, with many related documents and stories hosted through their deviant art page and Patreon at

For those interested in the basics of this new playground:
Warning: Spoiler!
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I am pleased to announce that I have submitted the inaugural SSU story, Marathon in the Park, to the SWM library for publication next week! It will include a low-resolution version of the cover image as well. Beautiful high-resolution images, littered throughout the story, are available at my Patreon . All of us absolutely adore Melody.

Other authors have begun actively working with us, outlining stories and building the world into a rich, realistic environment.

And I have taken my first commission to introduce a character to the SSU universe as well! HarmonyMotion will be supplying some free art for this endeavor.

Looking forward to a bright future full of shard strikes 

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