Darna Learns To Fly

29 Jan 2010 13:54 #18086 by Dr. Muttonchops
Darna Learns To Fly was created by Dr. Muttonchops
Transformation and flight from the 2009 Darna series.

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05 Feb 2010 23:51 #18177 by unseen_unheard
Replied by unseen_unheard on topic Re: Darna Learns To Fly
They should have had a fan blowing, or done something with the hair to show some secondary motion . Right now she just looks like she's standing in place posed awkwardly.

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09 Feb 2010 21:09 #18216 by mercblue22
Replied by mercblue22 on topic BOO!
I am really disappointed with this Darna series. (and those who know me well know how HUGE a Darna fan I am) The show has way too much crying in it by Narda (come on, drop a pin, cry, miss a phone call, CRY, forgot to eat breakfast...TEARS!) That gets so annoying when Narna/Darna is supposed to be a strong female turned superwoman who protects her city from evil forces.

Now, Valentina looks so awesome right now with the snake skin, fangs and evil eyes. (I'm also a huge medusa fan, muhaha) But yes, Darna's flight scene stinks, she hardly shows up anymore to fight with anyone. (the last few eps have her doing a few fights)

But overall, this is a horrible versio of Darna. She's been in crutches since the first 10 eps, and they are on ep 115ish now. You'd figure the minute she became Darna, her Narda self would have healed but now. (lol)

To this day, the BEST Darna on screen movie is Darna Ang Pabablik, gosh Darna was so strong, musculed and sexy in my eyes. (and she did awesome martial arts scenes too!)

So yea, Darna 2009, a big disappointment in my eyes. (Darna 2005 was a lot better with Angel Locsin and she looked better too!)


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