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Been holding off posting this for awhile as all of these are a little old but why not.

The director(Chris Nortale) and actress (Tawnya Mannon ) teamed up for a second video.

I do think these videos are some of the best fan stuff out there- yeah there not really trying for special effects beyond practical stuff, but Tawnya just really has the character down, and finds the sad comic potential in a woman with her boobs half exposed. Its a fun character and she really sells it.

She also did cameo in a couple of more Nortales videos.

The director Chris Nortale has a big channel where he has done close to a hundred fan videos. More of them feature Catwoman and other female characters. Check em out. A lot of them are really great. He does some horror stuff(and has directed actual horror movies) but i think his action and comedy stuff is some of the best on the web. And in a world of nerdist and funny or die its a shame he doesn't get more love.

Cause i can i do want to highlity Henchman, which i do think is one of the great comic videos on the web- and with 7000 hits it deserves a lot more love then it gets. if you liked the others at least give this a hit.

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