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Got in a conversation with fats and he suggested i do this. make a list of top 10 videos of superwomenmania.

some rules. i picked only movies that where available on Internet services for free-and should be. i do like the 1984 supergirl but if its on, youtube. for shame, or TV shows. I also didn't include supercuts made from movies though working on this list i found some good ones.

I also only included traditional superheroines or villains- so no Laura croft or vampire stuff(though a lot of good stuff like this is around i). I also wanted to only include one from each Creator. I also left off Girl of Steel, which isn't out yet.

This was harder then i thought it would be and i ended up having to make some hard cuts that when i started i didn't think i would.

And finally fats challenge-hey guys make your own list. Lets make it a contest!
You don't have to obide by my silly rules either.

1. Wonder Womanr::Jesses Johnson Trailer

When i made this list it kept coming up as #1. This is easily the best action peice here. As a trailer it has good pacing and great grey cinema.

For some reason the last shot-in which we find out this seemingly world war 2 action takes place in modern LA is very effocative to me. Got a couple of rough seconds-but thats needllessly picky. It evokes something. As a fan trailer it made me want to watch 90 minutes of this.

2. Power Girl: Classified

A little slack editing at points, and it has perhaps one to many job montages - but Tawyna Mortion work as a power girl is easily the best performance in the bunch- as someone how wants to help the world and the same time kind of really hates it. Its a great performance that captures what make Powergirl a fun character. Not a lot of special effects but it gets across the idea. And her victory at the end is just fun

3. Confessions of a Teenage Supergirl

Great video, Great story. Easily the most original villian i have seen in any superhero movie-mainstrema or not. Hes a former kid show host who dresses up as a cop as part of his gimmick- watching cartoons somehow makes him evil that really is clever. The big bad in the cloth suit silly and The actress playing supergirl is weak in a couple spots, but she does try to convey a sense of decency. It feels human which makes her strength and invincibility all the more impressive

4. Wonder Woman Rainfall short

This video got close to 5 million hits and was a youtube phenomena-not a lot more said-it is a beautiful piece of film with special effects that are equal to anything Hollywood has. Everything is amazing.

I am Marking it a little low though- i donno it feels a little airless. I realize that this 2 minutes of pure action fantasy . A producer of Live action TV said "Hey you want a Wonder Woman movie. Make "like this". i am not sure what that whould actually be.

5. Supergirl Pilot

This is a fun video-its not a traditional Supergirl story as in most comics these days , but that kind of works for it-this has two cute college girls acting like two very cute college girls, with good banter and a fun script. Special effects, and action aren't much and costumes are okay-but its cute and i like cute. Pity they didn't do more of these as theres something here.

6. First Impressions

When you do a list like this you discover things-and in this case discover a fan film where Doug Jones is the villian, doing a very good Doug Jone Villian.

(note: Doug Jones is the ultimate villian in superwomen webseries)

The video around it has good fight coreography some good banter, and a decent performances by its leads, especially her as she gradually revels whats going on. I think the last 10 seconds when it tells whats going on is..a littlle ahhhh. but doesn't detract from it to much.

7. Avenger Assemble: Episode 204

This is my favorite episode out of Avengers Assemble web series(you can check out the rest). This maybe a cop out, as its not actiony-no strength stuff-what it does have, and it what it does well is what the rest of the videos do well. Miracole Burns as the only Sane woman in a world of crazies When ever anyone mention a Ms Marvel Movie- i think of her and her sensible Adult performance

(not that ended up as the the only marvel movie on the list- but there are good ones on the Web The X-23 is formatted weird but has some nice efforts and the shamelessly She hulk was 11 on my list)

8. Wonder Woman Balance of Power-

This is kind of long and has some creaky dialouge at places-but its also places beautiful. And the villain is at least interesting and has some fun self aware lines. I am not a peril fan but its scene like it is at least original. It has good fight choreography and is perhaps more then a lot of the videos here feels like a movie.

Note: I am friends with the writer director of this.

9. Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land

i think i perhaps am the only one who really likes the short. there are elements that feel like a high school video as shadar described-but theres a heart to it, a bueaty and even poetry into this largely plotless piece. it made me write fan fiction squeal to fan fiction it which none of the other movies did- which me think perhaps the central idea is good .

10. Wonder Woman Clarke Wolf

This got some mainstream attention for being bad, but i am perhaps a little more generous with it. Paradise island is hard to do- and they well....

But There's something dramatically interesting i think to where it went with wonder woman as a girl n the big city it has that. If they had started with the last 30 second i think it could have been a better piece. But the final gag is pretty good.
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