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In the camp of Well if its new to me its new....found this webseries online though iits over two years old and has 40 plus episodes. Its from the Creators of El Frentico and Go Girl, a very low but charming Superheroine comedy from years ago.

Its the story of Riley and Christine two Wanta Be Superheroines as they attempt to work together and fight crime-Riley the Hyper Agressive in it for her self badass Hope, and Christine the goodie goodie but hyper smart Faith. Together they fight crime. And are roommates!

Its a comedy, that does a decent job(particualry starting around episode 4) of having a pretty good sence of action in it. This is more of the Batman Level most time(i think the show is going very much for there 1/2 each of batman which works, though they sometimes suggest kinda super effects. Almost all episodes have at least one good fight.

Not going to lie this is sometimes a little rough production wise the-this is costumes and a weekend stuff and the editing is slack as hell. But thats kinda its charm...when the camera lingers for a long time on the two leads together, a kinda magic happens chemestry wise, which i think more then anything is kinda why i like it.

Will warn you for starting from the beggining-the first episode i think maybe the worst one..and the episode starts with Femdom scene but that said-one of the things i do legitimeatly like about it is how quickly they get out of it(under 10 seconds). The show does a good bit of how fundementally competent they are., but still doing comedy-which is tricky in a genre. They are likable powerful, but funny.

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