Arene - a sci-fi short

22 May 2016 00:23 #48053 by pansardum
Arene - a sci-fi short was created by pansardum
Found this short Sci-Fi film called Arene, it got a few nice scenes with some girl power. The film is also really nicely done visually in my oppinion
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22 May 2016 04:02 #48059 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Arene - a sci-fi short
Very nice... action scenes are close to studio quality, and acting was right on.

I saw it as a graphic reminder of how formidable a superhuman can be. Totally overwhelming several trained, armed agents or soldiers.

When our weapons fail, we humans are pretty helpless in a fight. Especially against someone so much stronger.

It's sometimes easy to forget that when hanging around here.


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22 May 2016 09:07 #48061 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Arene - a sci-fi short
Lots of little things were done right in this clip. The acting is excellent.

I already knew that she didn't want to kill the men, even though they were trying to kill her. It was a sum of things -- she didn't break the first guys neck, she choked him out and dropped him just as he passed out (so he wasn't yet dead). She kicked the hand gun so hard it dented the wall when it hit, but she hit the man several times and didn't break bones, or shatter his chest cavity, etc. She could have easily killed them but didn't. So in the end when she gives the man a breather and then tries to drag him away ... that's fully in line with how she acted the entire time.

And I agree with Shader, it shows what fighting someone that superior is. I am not sure she's faster than bullets, I think she's merely faster than a human can aim with a gun (she makes sure she's where the human isn't aiming). She totally outclasses them, and they know it. Lot's of great acting. The way the first guy reaches for his gun, they way trained men are so scared they make tactical errors (when she's choking the guy, they should have each moved to the side, opening each up to a clear shot of her w/o hitting their comrade, shooting off the rifle in the closed quarters), etc.

I'm quite fond of the moment she breaks her bonds.

I know it was only a small short, but it sets a scene, conveys a bunch of information, and is all well done. Good find.

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