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20 Feb 2019 02:01 #62936 by Markiehoe
Heroineburgh on EVS was created by Markiehoe
Some Heroineburgh SWAG was sent to Comics Legend Ethan Van Sciver and he opened it up on one of his videos today.
He seemed a little overwhelmed and really seemed to like it.

About two minutes in

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11 Mar 2019 04:57 #63136 by shevek
Replied by shevek on topic Heroineburgh on EVS
Yes, Markiehoe, we sent the package to Ethan Van Sciver. We did it only a few days after he announced he had opened a PO Box to receive packages from his Youtube crowd.

Our main graphic artist who does the comic book versions of our heroines is Jason Wright,
and he was the colorist for Ethan Van Sciver on Hal Jordan Green Lantern for several years
(and before that he colored Secret Six for Gail Simone, and many others as well).
So I'd hoped that EVS would recognize the name, especially since he read it on the poster,
but you're right, he seemed overwhelmed and didn't seem to recognize who Jason was. 

We've also sent the package to a bunch of comic book and geek pop culture channels.
So far, Jessi from Mindless Entertainment has showed the most interest (check the thread we will post about her review of Heroineburgh), but we also heard back from J, Ishiro, Clint from Sweetcast, and Eric July aka YoungRippa, so we'll see if any of them bite on it. We were also trying to get Clownfish TV's attention since they live immediately north of us in Punxsutawney
and seem to go the same Comicons where we have our booth, but they've been pretty slow in responding. Guess we'll see......

Heroineburgh live-action superheroine video series.
Youtube channel: Heroineburgh
Contact us at

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