Heroineburgh Episode 15: "Green Deal" now available!

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Now available: Episode 15 of Heroineburgh continuing Season 2!

Heroineburgh is a PG-13 live-action superheroine video series based in Pittsburgh, PA. The first season (13 episodes) creates an entirely new universe, revealing the origins of 20 superheroines who gain their powers from a dark-energy meteor bombardment. In Season 2, fragments of the dark meteor have fallen to earth, transforming more women into evil and chaotic supervillainesses. The Heroine League must stop them, as well as contain the efforts of the Black Faction led by corrupt detective Drake and his wife Vaporia. Each episode involves several story arcs in the tradition of superhero television shows.

Action, comedy, drama, romance and combat, all in the finest spandex and tights!

Episode 15 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Season 2 page of the Video Store. Price is $9.99 each, and the video is approximately 40 minutes.

Here is the trailer for Episode 15.

A short description of Episode 15 follows below, as well as some stills from the episode.

EPISODE 15: GREEN DEAL (Rise of Kaliyuga – Gardenia Gets a Sidekick – Vendetta & Lunessa vs. Pagliaccia)

In the second episode for Heroineburgh Season Two, dastardly Detective Drake of the Black Faction meets with rainbow-clad quisling Spectrina to turn the tables on the League.

Arogya the Healer discovers corrupt dark-energy meteorites across the city transforming women into supervillains, joining Spectrina to consult with a geologist in Lawrenceville.

Environmental defender Becky Bloom interviews an intern for the Gardenia Foundation who becomes headstrong sidekick Zinnia.

In Bloomfield, upstart crime boss Carlo Graziani emerges to exact revenge on Vendetta with the clown princess of fear, Pagliaccia.

What unexpected force of personified devastation will the meteorites create? How will Gardenia save her assistant from the clutches of Mesmera? And will Vendetta and Lunessa be able to defeat their fearsome mobster foes?

This episode continues Season Two of Heroineburgh, and features 8 heroines and 3 villainesses.

Themes: Traitorous Betrayal, Appetite for Destruction, Vengeful Villains, Superheroine Sidekick.

Elements: Tight Costumes, Caped Heroines, Masked Heroines, Masked Villainesses, Heroines in Tights, Transformation Sequences, Costume Reveal, Super Strength, Female on Female Combat, Female Domination, Knockouts, Belly Punches, Unmasking, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Submission, Heroine Restrained, Damsel in Distress, Lesbian Flirting, Male on Female Combat, Throatlifting, Super Powers, and more!

Episode 15 is now on sale at HEROINEBURGH ( ) in the Video Store under Season Two.

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Kaliyuga revels in her newfound destructive power!

Anna completes her metamorphosis into the goddess Kaliyuga!

Lunessa and Vendetta grovel in fear at Pagliaccia's feet!

Spectrina conspires on the phone with Drake about the meteorites.

The mob goons put Lunessa and Vendetta in chains!

Vendetta and Lunessa arrive on the scene to challenge the mobsters!

Anna the disgruntled geologist is mesmerized by the power of the meteorites!

Spectrina and Arogya visit Anna's geology shop.

Arogya discusses the danger of the meteorites with Spectrina at the lab.

Arogya flirts with Spectrina. She loves her rainbow hair!

Dr. Marty Gupta completes the incredible transformation into Arogya the Healer!

Becky Bloom interviews Xenia Rozinski for the Gardenia Foundation's internship.

Becky meets with Dr. Shvitz to go over the blueprints for the new building.

Becky lovingly tends to the plants in her sunny office.

Brick and Mesmera hold Zinnia captive after they catch her spying on them.

Drake convinces Spectrina to turn traitor on the Heroine League!

Special appearance by La Giustiziera from the Italian series Superheroines in Distress. Thanks to Leonardo!

Kaliyuga fights with Arogya in the shop!

Kaliyuga attacks Spectrina with the full force of her destructive power!

Kaliyuga continues leaving a swath of destruction!

Lunessa ties up one of the mobsters with her restraining ropes of light!

Mesmera and Gardenia confront each other in a battle of superpowers!

Mesmera shows Brick that her strength has increased while in prison.

Mesmera hypnotizes the hapless sidekick Zinnia!

Mesmera uses her increased strength to throatlift Zinnia against the wall!

Mesmera tries to crush Gardenia's ribs with her new strength!

Mesmera attempts to unmaske the helpless Zinnia at Brick's request!

Pagliaccia conspires with the mafia boss, Carlo Graziani.

Pagliaccia projects her powerful waves of fear and despair onto the heroines!

Pagliaccia makes a rendezvous with the mobsters at their hideout.

Paula is angry that she's fired from her teaching job and swears revenge!

Paula transforms into the vengeful Pagliaccia, the clown princess of fear!

Eager sidekick Zinnia is ready for action in the new costume she designed!

Spectrina gives Arogya the meteorite detectors, and compliments her on the cute costume.

Dr. Katrina Spector quickly sheds her lab coat to begin her transformation into Spectrina.

Becky Bloom can't rescue her intern...this is a job for Gardenia!

Vendetta crushes the mobster goon's hand while fighting him in the hideout.

Veronica Benedetti zips up her suit to prepare for action as the heroine Vendetta.

Hi-tech heroine X-Machina builds the meteorite detectors for the Heroine League.

Zinnia aims her vine gun invention at the evil developer, Brick.

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The T-shirt will come with swag including stickers of four more supervillainesses from the new episode!

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Will we see Poderosa during season 2?
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Yes - she is in Episode 16!
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