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Time to talk about our developments for Heroineburgh Episode 18, which should be released by the end of the summer.

We started shooting a few things before COVID, then some shoots got interrupted (including one that had to be cancelled today
because one actress had a new covid case in her family), but now we are back on track, albeit about two months later than we thought.

Here's what been done so far, in terms of outtakes we can show from Youtube.

First we recruited a new actress, Jess, to play the anti-heroine Industria, featuring her earth-shaking boots and her shocking electric crowbar.
In EP18 she will prove to be more evil than anyone thought.
Here's Jess in her character intro. She is an experienced actress and will do well in the role once we reschedule the cancelled shoot.

Next up we have the return of Ashlee as goth heroine Lunessa, with her ability to turn light into solid forms (somewhat similiar to Dagger).
She doesn't really have a secret identity, as she is publicly known as both a goth DJ and an owner of a tattoo parlor and massage studio.
Here she transforms into her costume after finishing her last client of the day, who looks on in amazement.

Next, we took advantage of the complete destruction of a bus stop by an errant vehicle (this was weeks before the George Floyd riots, so it had nothing to do with that) to record a short clip with Mauricia as Italian fighter Vendetta. Not sure yet if this will end up in Episode 18 or Episode 19 (depending on which plots get finalized) but might as well include it here.

Seductive actress Josalynn will return again as the villainess Vaporia. However, we weren't able to fix the problems with her original "steampunk" looking costume, so we designed a new one (with more of a "modern art" feel) for her appearance in Episode 18.
Here's the costume intro:

Vaporia will appear in a scene in Episode 18 with her husband, the corrupt cop Mark well as a new, more powerful incarnation
of Spectrina (played by the always vivacious Erika) who has figured out a way to increase her power a hundredfold using a machine which shall be revealed in the episode.

Here, the traitorous heroine re-introduces her as the ultra-powerful villainess....Dark Spectra! 

(and yes, fans of the old Batman and the Outsiders run will notice that we've adapted a certain cosplay for our own uses.....)

Next up, a new actress joins the cast to bring back the scheming Serpenta, who was Savanna's main foe in Episode 9.
Now played by the very capable Olivia, she'll be bringing all of her snake powers to bear on the Heroine League. Here's Olivia's intro,
and we must say she looks amazing in the costume!

Also in Episode 18, the very expressive Sephanie returns once again to play Dysphoria, the dominatrix of decay who atomizes anything
she touches (and has to wear her nano-tech gloves at all times). She steals a crucial component of technology which Drake is using
with his brother, Crainiac the Master of Machines, to defeat some of the heroines.  The outtake from that shoot:

Also for Episode 18, we shot an entire battle sequence in an empty laundromat. This was the debut of Dana, the amazing new actress to play
the role of toxic supervillainess Chlorina. Dana is also a cosplayer and costume maker, and is working on a new Mesmera costume for us as well. In this outtake, she recharges her ability to emit poisonous gases by ingesting some Tide Pods. She had a little trouble opening the bags, so we rigged them a little better for her on the next take, and it worked out fine. Don't try this at home, kids!

Episode 18 will also be the debut of a new supervillainess named Panthyra...aka the evil big sister of Savanna. Like her sister, she has acquired feline powers, but her specialty lies more in the sheer strength and power of the big cats. Portrayed by experienced actress and model Sheryland, Panthrya will begin her origin under the thrall of a powerful drug lord, swearing destruction upon the Heroine League.

We're doing the origin scene in a couple weeks, and it will hopefully include our first-ever (She)Hulk-out. For now, here's the Panthyra intro:

Bringing us up to date, here's the post-transformation clip from the laundromat scene after Darsha Bukhari becomes the powerful
sonic superheroine Darbouka. Once again played by the multi-talented performer Tiffany, she charges into battle while protecting her
husband Ali, whom we meet for the first time in this episode. 

Alrighty then...we'll have more outtake footage to share from upcoming shoots in July and August which will finish out the work
for Episode 18, so be patient with us. And in the meantime, check the comic book subforum for an update on Issue #2 and all
the comic stores where you can still buy Issue #1 (the list has more than doubled over the Covid break!).

Thanks for supporting Heroineburgh! 

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