Heroineburgh Customs #3 through #6 now available!

19 Jan 2022 04:49 #73122 by shevek
Hello, SWM fans - here's another update from Heroineburgh, the live-action superheroine series featuring adventure, romance, drama, and comedy in the finest spandex and capes. 

Our customs page has been updated, and Customs #3 through #6 are now available for download here:

These are 'alternative universe' minisodes written and funded by our most loyal fans, and performed by our lovely and talented actresses. Here are some short descriptions and photos.

Custom #3 - Parasite Rising: Dark Spectra vs Zinnia

(starring Erika and Mary Beth)

Working with Zinnia in her lab, Dr. Katrina Spector creates a formula transforming herself into a supervillainess. Will Zinnia survive the encounter with her evil mentor?

[Note: This custom was ordered by a fan from Germany who prefers to remain anonymous.]



Custom #4 - Mind Over Muscle: Poderosa vs Pagliaccia

(starring Christina and Gabriel)

Pagliaccia discovers the ultimate weakness of the mighty Poderosa: a radioactive mineral called "Drainium." Will the Puerto Rican powerhouse succumb to the Clown Princess of Fear?

[Note: This custom was ordered by our fan Vulpor, from upstate NY. It is based on the Kryptonite necklace scene from the 1978 movie 'Superman'.]



Custom #5 - Carried Away: Dark Spectra vs Henchmen

(starring Mary Beth, with Ben and Art)

Eternally optimistic superheroine sidekick Zinnia confronts henchmen planning to dump toxic waste, but she is kidnapped and carried to the villains' hideout. Can the Defender of Nature escape in time?

[Note: This custom was ordered by a fan who prefers to remain anonymous. It is based on a series of scenes from the Batman '66 TV series, Season 1 Episode 5.]



Custom #6 - Stretched to the Limit: Sintilla vs Dyna

(starring Alicia and Milo)

Sintilla wakes up in an alternate universe and meets a ruthless version of her criminal partner Dyna. The Queen of Power interrogates Sintilla (now the villainess Dark Etherea) to extract the secret of interdimensional travel, but will the sneaky super-thief relent?

[Note: This custom was ordered by our fan Judah, from Syracuse NY.]



Customs #3 through #6 are now available for download here:
Customs #1 and #2 are also still available.

And you can still pick up all of Season 1 (Episodes 1 through 13) and our ongoing Season 2 (Episode 14 through 19)
on the site as well. Our comic book Issues #1 and #2 are available through the website, or on sale at 190 stores in our Comic Shops list.

Look out for Episode 20 to be released in early February. Followed by comic book Issue #3 in the spring.
Hope to see you at one of a dozen Comicons we plan to vend at in 2022!


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