Heroineburgh Custom #7 now available!

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SWM fans! Do you enjoy watching a strenuous conflict between superheroine and supervillainess, where the good girl must struggle through considerable adversity to administer the fist of justice?

Then look no further than Heroineburgh Custom #7, now available for download here:

For those of you who haven't heard yet, these are 'alternative universe' minisodes written and funded by our most loyal fans, and performed by our lovely and talented actresses. This one was written by our great supporter Sam. Here are some stills and photos:
Custom #7 - Trance Muted: Vendetta vs. Mesmera

(starring Mauricia and Stacy)

Vendetta, the Italian spirit of vengeance, catches the malevolent Mesmera red-handed during a bank robbery. 
An intense battle of fighting skill and super-strength ensues...but ultimately, Mesmera is tempted to use her hypnotic powers.
Will Vendetta apprehend the criminal, or succumb to the force of evil?

Vendetta and Mesmera locked in combat!


Mesmera delivers a devastating uppercut to the face of the beautiful Vendetta!


Vendetta is knocked out by Mesmera's hypnotic suggestions!


Mesmera reaches for her cuffs to restrain Vendetta, and spirit her away to her secret lair for evil intent!


But Vendetta is not down for the count - she attacks with a spectral strobe to disrupt Mesmera's mental powers.
Will it work to stop the villainess? Tune in and find out!



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