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Love this webpage ~ the "reviews" blog in the upper right is the best. Be sure to hit "view all posts" there.

I am most curious how people here feel about the navel shot on the dc nation page of comics this week. I have mixed feelings about it ~ but also can't call the kettle black. :?

Basic objectification?
Maybe so I'm not sure how I feel.

Peril for the sake of it or sales?
No so I'm okay with it there.

Statuesque Strength?
It is a strong perspective and does not weaken the character ~ but it does not do anything for her either. There is no action ~ just an in your face chest and abs look.

I will never see Supergirl as a 16 year old no matter what DC tries to write and I hope they never cross that line and draw her that way other than in the kids comics.

Hope that’s it more than it looks like?
I hope it’s a tight shot of a broader finished image or event and they just don’t want to give something away.

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