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If you haven't already, you should check out the new serialized superhero story by Swedish author Stefan Ingstrand (updates every Monday and Thursday):

It's a mystery tale set in the near future where a small percentage of humans, referred to as "Ultras", begin exhibiting superpowers, such as superstrength, flight and invulnerability. It starts when the main character, a young "classic" human named Johan, has his first chance run in with an Ultra, a troubled teenage girl named Emma. Emma is pretty and smart, but her serious anger management issues combined with her terrifying strength, make her a dangerous person for Johan to be around. The author paints a fantastic picture of a world where regular human beings are forced to coexist alongside beings of almost godlike power and Johan's mixture of fascination and trepidation towards Emma seems entirely realistic.

The author doesn't shy away from descriptions of Emma's awesome strength either, and in fact, these descriptions seem rather integral to the story. One of the emerging themes appears to be whether Johan's male psyche will be able to come to terms with being the weaker sex, and by weaker, read massively, fundamentally inferior. Emma is presented as a force of nature, like an earthquake or hurricane, and the sequence where Johan first witnesses her using her immense strength against another Ultra is described in incredibly visceral fashion, all shock and awe, like a scene from a disaster movie, and when it's over Johan is shellshocked by the experience and feels lucky to have escaped with his life.

Here is are some choice samples:

"Emma turned back and swung her fist into the lock, anchoring herself with a counter-burst of flight force. The door frame blew apart, and the door flew up as if hit by a bazooka. She spread her arms to grip the edges of the wrecked door, wrenched it off its hinges, shifted her grip and launched it through the glass wall, putting all her fear and frustration into the throw. The door went through the glass like a rocket. A second later, it had shrunk into a dot on the darkening sky."

Then later:

"The memory of that titanic throw still gave him [Johan] pause. Somehow the sight of a teenage girl casually applying the power of a howitzer had produced more awe in him than his brain knew what to do with."

It's going to be fascinating to see how the relationship between Johan and Emma develops.
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25 Apr 2013 13:33 #31236 by Skye
Replied by Skye on topic The Morpheus Reports
Good suggestion. Even though I find the format it's published in somewhat anoying, I've already added the RSS feed to my reader.

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01 May 2013 13:06 #31327 by skate79
Replied by skate79 on topic The Morpheus Reports
D'oh! Spoke too soon - he's abandoned the story :(

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01 May 2013 22:53 #31334 by sg2ww
Replied by sg2ww on topic The Morpheus Reports
Hey, he might come back if he has readers. Also there are lots of interesting links there. GREAT find!

He used to have a different site with a couple of ubergirl stories.

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