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27 Dec 2013 07:11 #34870 by Dru1076
SWMU - Coming Soon... was created by Dru1076's Castor's thread that I destroyed (the start of it at least), all shiny and new-like...

In a few days we are going to start up the new SWMU: Cape Hope group RP.

In the meantime - start thinking...start conspiring.

Come up with your heroine. Who is she? Whats her Concept? Her idea? Her thoughts? Her dreams? Her power? What is her power?

That is an important question, that last one.

We are working on the principle for the SWMU, that an event has taken place - not a big event, not a flashy event, but one that has changed the world forever.

Because one day, people just started getting superpowers. No visible flash - but some can fly higher than an eagle, or run faster then the speed of sound. Some can shoot lightening, or take bullets, or read minds - or's up to you!

But this is something to consider. There are two parts of the question. Not only what can she do now - but who was she before? What kind of life did she lead? Her background, the little details...that which makes her human.

We will have more details in the next week or so, but in the meantime: Think...and come up with someone whose life just changed...

We hope to soon anwser the third question: What does her life become afterwards?

"Stupid Reality!" - Homer J. Simpson

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