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With failing superheroine sites making the rounds, and well recieved sites failing to hit the mark, I often wonder, if we could do better. Now is are chance. I thought it might be a fun idea to write a script. Our budget is 10, 000 dollars to use for special FX models props etc. (So throwing a tank into outer space might be hard to do)

Write your script and at the end, explain your budget. Instead of word count, the script would be a buddget of 10 000 US.

Ex. Miss Vicky was a heavy girl, but that all changed once she touched the costume.

$150 fat suit
$500 dollars for model
$500 dollars for fX

I think there’s allot of talented writers out there, I’d be interested to see people’s ideas

i genuinely wanted to do this for real. but sadly there’s no way my wife would let me hang out with other women with an S on their chest....she know what’s I might as well use my imagination.

if people are willing to give it a go, great........if not, we’ll try again some other time......I don’t know....thoughts? 
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im from the uk so i dont know knowi how much things cost in the US dollers

Claire kent/Superwoman
Lewis Lane
Alexandria Luthor
Unnamed Henchman
Young Teenager Claire Kent
Ma Kent
Pa Kent
Perry White (voice only)
Jor-EL (voice only)
Lor-El (voice only)
Narrator (voice or scrolling text)
We see an alien planet in space. With title card saying “Krypton”
Jor-El (voice over dialogue): .Are you sure we should send her where she'll be an outcast. They will fear her and be jealous of her amazing gifts on earth. 
Lor-El (V.O): It is better than our fate to die here. She will look like one of them and though she will never be one of them she will lead by example and I have recorded a message to her that will help and guide her it will activate when her powers reach their peak. 

[CGI shot of the planet exploding] 

[We then a title card that says "Smallville Kansas" - Note: Use stock images of Kansas or something. [Title card saying 18 years later] 

Narrator (or scrolling text): The child was found in a cornfield and raised by a kindly couple, who could not have children of their own. As she aged to maturity she displayed great speed, strength and intelligence beyond any normal girl her age even her teachers. She had to been told by her parents to play dumb a bit and was banned from playing sports even cheerleading by her parents for fear she might hurt someone.

[We see a farmhouse and zoom in on a teenage girl aged 18, young Claire kent is fast asleep under the sheets in her pjs] 

[It's all quiet then suddenly she snaps awake clutching her head in pain. She opens up her beautiful blue eyes, and we go into a POV shot of Claire seeing through the wall to the next room, 

Claire: Oh my god I can see through the wall

[She sees her parents in their bedroom woken up by her screaming] 

Claire: Owwww my eyes are burning

[suddenly beams of heat come out of her eyes she quickly shuts them tight stopping the rays, but its too late the room is on fire] 

Parents: (Mom worried, and Dad concerned yell and bang on the door yelling Claire's name). 

[Claire then coughs, and her freeze breath cools the fire preventing any significant damage. (Note fire is CGI)] 

[Claire's parents finally get into her room pov on smoke coming from chard remains of a dressing table.] 

[Claire's mom hugs her while her dad asks her if she's ok] 

Claire: What's happening to me? First I could see into your bedroom then the heat came out of my eyes and extreme cold came out when I sneezed. This isn't normal. 

Claires Dad: [looking at her mom] I think its time

Claire: Time for what?

Claire's dad: The Truth. You see Claire your adapted and your real parents wern't from around here.

Claire Where were they from?

Claires Mum: You see Claire we couldn't have children of our own but then you came to us from the heavens.

Claire [Confused]: What you trying to say that im from another planet?

Claire: [angry] Why didn't either of you tells me this? 

Claire's dad: We were going to tell you sometime after you turned 18 when we thought you were ready, but it looks like your body wanted you to be prepared now

Claire: OK then wheres my spaceship.

In the cellar, but all that was in it is in a hope chest under our bed.

Claire: Im not a freak im not

Claires parents hug her.

Claire Kent: What should I do now? Should I go to school?

Mrs Kent: You can take the day of just until you get these strange powers under control. And get this information digested. 

[Cut to a montage of Claire learning her powers setting candles alight with her heat vision and blowing them out with her superbreath]

[Claire does a little celebratory dance then suddenly hears a pain in her hearing (like a subsonic frequency)] 

Claire: Agh

[She follows the noise back to a hope chest: Where she finds a crystal wrapped in what will be her superhero uniform. As soon as she picks it up, it glows brighter, and she suddenly gets a psychic vision of the Arctic] 

Claire: I know know what I must do?

[Cut to a few moments later Claire is standing outside the house looking out towards the open fileds (possible green screen) with a coat on and backpack on] 

[Claire's mum and dad approach her from behind] 

Claire's mom: You ok sweetie 

Claire: Yea but I have to go away, Now.

Claires Dad: Where?

Claire: North, Along way north. The space ship opened up, and a crystal was calling to me. I don't know how to explain it it was like it was telling me where to go and what to bring. 

[Claire's parents hold hands] 

Claires Father: We both knew this day would come

Claires Mother: Never forget us.

Claire: Of course I won't. You're my parents.

[establishing shot tundra sign comes up saying "6 Months later". We see Claire walking across the screen she stops and takes her backpack from her shoulders digs through it and pulls out the crystal] 

[She flings it hard, and the screen shakes as a fortress erects itself in front of her] 

[Cut to the next scene as Claire enters the fortress and 

Voice: Kayla-El

[Claire looks up and sees a hologram and the scene cuts to it.]

Voice: Kayla-El, My daughter you do not remember me. I am Lor-El. Your Mother. 

Lor-El: By now, you will have reached your 18th year as it is measured on Earth. By that reckoning, I will have been dead for many of your years. The knowledge that I have matters physical and historical, I have given you fully on your voyage to your new home. These are important matters, to be sure, but still matters of mere fact. There are questions to be asked, and it is time for you to do so. Here in this... this Fortress of Solitude, we shall try to find the answers together. So, my child, speak. 

Claire: You called me Kayla-el is that my name?

Lor-El: Yes, that is the name your father and I gave you. I am Laura El. Your mother. You are the only survivor of the planet Krypton. 

Claire: How come I can do things other people can’t.

Lor-El: The earth's sun gives off radiation that gives us Kryptonians the powers you now possess. Before we go into the history of Krypton, let me tell you what it means to be a hero to the weaker planet earth is to be brave and virtuous. Humankind will be fascinated by you, but you must keep your distance you never mate with a human male. You will become tempted by the opposite sex but remember you are not one of them. Even though you have been raised as a human girl, you are not like them. Yet you should move amongst them to see where your powers are needed. You have great powers, only some of which you have as of yet discovered. Now I will teach you about Krypton and how to use your powers responsibly. Now to the history of your true home. 

[We fade away and then back into seeing an establisher of the Tundra a message says "12 Years Later". Time passes, and we see Claire now a grown woman stood tall in the fortress. Wearing her Iconic Superwoman suit.] 

Lor-El: It is now time for you to rejoin your new world, and serve as a collective of humanity. Live as one of them, Kayla-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be great people, Kayla-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way.
For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... My only daughter... And Now your training is complete.

Claire: Thank you, mother, I agree I'm ready. 

[Cut a few days later]

Perry White (vo): Lewis Lane meet your new partner Claire Kent

[we see Claire not as superwoman but as a dowdy looking secretary type woman wearing big oversized glasses with her hair up in a bun.] 
Perry White (vo): Take her around town and show her the sites before your meeting with the president this afternoon. And before you protest its just till she settles in. 

[Perry leaves the room]

Claire: Hi Lewis I’m Claire. Claire Kent.

[She holds her hand out, but Lewis ignores it and looks at her with disdain] 
Lewis: So you're new, so I'm telling you this now. There's only one thing you need to know Claire. I am top dog around here so stay out of my way. 

[He gets up and bumps her on the shoulder on the walks past. He is momentarily shocked by how solid her shoulder is.]

Claire: ok…… noted. 

Lewis: Now if you’ll excuse me. The top dog has an interview with the president. On air force one. One of the perks of being a top reporter.

Claire: Wow that’s great. Good Luck!!

[1 hour later sat at her desk Claire hears a radio report saying air force one is in danger of crashing. Panic and worry cross her face. She gets up rushes to a closet whilst tearing her shirt open to reveal the S symbol she steps into the closet and emerges as the iconic Superwoman.

Claire: Here goes nothing 

[She superspeeds out the building and we hear a whooshing sound]. 


[Lewis rushes into the office and sees Claire in her chair typing away.] 

Lewis: Are you ok? I heard what happen maybe you should be in the hospital for shock. 

Lewis: I I. I met this amazing woman………I mean she held a plane. Carried it to the airport. All the while she looked fantastic. I have to know more about her. She was so beautiful. 

Claire: Lewis it was properly an illusion or something. I refuse to believe a woman can fly.

Lewis: I know what I saw here look at my phone

Claire: It's a blurry image. 

Lewis: I need to see her. How do I get her to come? I'll put myself in danger. The Roof!! 

Claire: No……wait…… Don't do anything stupid. Not for this so-called Superwoman. 

Lewis: Aaaah. Your right look at me. I'm swooning over some woman who can fly like something from a fairy tale. 

Claire: You need to get some rest. Why don't you go home? We can both think and talk about it tomorrow. 

Lewis: ok…… I am pretty tired. By the way, I liked that name Superwoman. 

[He Leaves the office in a fluster. Claire bites her lip as she ponders her thoughts.

Claire: Superwoman It's catchy. 


Lewis is sat on his couch with a beer trying to wind down.

Lewis: She was so sexy, like an angel sent from heaven to save me from death. If only I could meet her.

[tap, tap]

He looks to his window and sees Superwoman floating outside waving to him.

Lewis: Oh god, it's you 

Superwoman: I’m sorry am I interrupting? It’s no trouble for me to come back another time.

Lewis - NO!!……no. Please come in I was just surprised. [Opening the window.] 

Superwoman: Thanks for letting me stop by, You know Mr Lane I remember from that save of airforce one that you were a member of the press, I realise there must be many questions about me that the world would like the answer to. So I want my story to be told to someone I could trust, and I heard your just the kind of reporter to do a story on me. 

Lewis: Really me? Claire won't believe this. She thinks I imagined you. 

Superwoman: Well you didn't imagine me and whose Claire is she your girlfriend? 

Lewis: No I'm sort married to my job. Claire is just a colleague I was going to brainstorm a way to contact you with her. I even considered jumping off a building to see if you'd save me. 

Superwoman: Well I wouldn't have encouraged that. If you wanted to talk you should have just asked.

Lewis: That easy?

Superwoman: Yep that easy. (Points to her ears) Superhearing. Anyway, can we start the interview please. I might be needed at any moment. 

Lewis: Well, ah, let's start with your vital statistics. Are you married?

Superwoman: Uh, no. No, I'm not. 

Lewis: Do you have a boyfriend?

Superwoman: Uh, no I don't, but uh, if I did Mr Lane you'd be the first to know about it.

Lewis: (pause, almost smirks) Um, how old are you?

Superwoman: 30 years old

[POV shoot of Lewis checking out superwoman figure] 

Lewis: How tall are you? 

Superwoman: (insert here) oh and about my over vitals it's (insert here) 

Lewis – Wooow erm tell me your back story where do you come from. How did you get your amazing powers? I mean I saw you fly when you saved me what else can you do. 

Superwoman – Well Mr Lane I'm from another planet, a place called Krypton on the other side of your galaxy. But I was rocketed here as an infant shortly before its destruction, and this is the only home I have ever known. My powers come from earth sun having a different reaction to my physiology. Oh, and my powers are Heat vision, X-ray vision, super breath and ice breath. 

Lewis: Wait a minute did you say x-ray vision does that mean you can see through anything and everything. 

Superwoman: Yes except for led.

Lewis: Wooow, erm can you give me a demonstration?. 

Superwoman: Sure red

Lewis: What!?

Superwoman: The colour underwear your wearing and please tell your boxers to stop pointing. 

(Lewis is caught entirely off guard and Suddenly becomes quite bashful.) 

[We see from Superwoman pov lewis is sat in his underwear.] 

Superwoman: I guessed that that was going to be your next question. Please don't worry. I am honourable, and I only did it because you asked and I won't do it again unless you ask again. 

[Lewis gives a smile. His bash-fullness still going strong.] 

Superwoman: You're in excellent shape for a reporter 

Lewis: Well for someone not from this planet by our standards you're a babe 

Superwoman: Thanks.

Lewis: Erm can you bend steel bars?

Superwoman: Yes I can.

Lewis: Wow. I'd love to see that. 

Superwoman smiles mischievously and walks to a cupboard in his room pulling out a metal pipe.

Superwoman: May I?

[He nods curiously.

Effortlessly she bends the bar a few times before putting it back into shape. Smiling and sitting down again.]
(Superwoman smiles)

Lewis: Cool. Anything else?

Superwoman: I can fly.

Lewis: I saw. What’s that like and How fast do you fly?

Superwoman: Hard to describe and I don't know, I never timed myself before.

Lewis: Well do you always fly solo? 

Superwoman: Is that your way of asking me to take you for a flight 

Lewis: Hell yea

[Superwoman takes lewis's hand cut to several green screen shots of them flying.]

[Cut back to Lewis's apartment.] 

Lewis: Wait before you go I have one last question. What should I call you? 

Superwoman: Well I wear an S on my chest which is a sign for hope where I come from and its also my family crest but id like it to stand for Superwoman

Lewis: OK Superwoman.

[Next Day]
Perry White: This is excellent work Lane another Pulitzer prize winner. 

Claire: How you do it I mean I can't believe you got her to come to yours and give an interview 

Lewis: Some of us are just plain lucky kent.

[We see someone else reading the paper a woman called Alexis Luthor]
Alexis: I can't believe that this bimbo comes flying in when I'm about to commit the crime of the century. Let's see if I can get her attention. 

[We see Claire back at the newspaper office typing away at her computer, she hears a sonic noise, and a woman's voice rings in her ears says] 

Alexis: There's only one person who can hear this and that you superwoman I suggest you come and find me or millions will die. 

Claire: What!

Alexis: I have a particularly strong concoction ready to flood into to the water supply. Something that will make people quite sick and I will release it unless you come to me. Now.

[Claire looks around nervously and gets up and leaves the room rushing and changing into superwoman.]


[We see Alexis Luther sat behind a desk sat in a chair waiting for Superwoman

Superwoman storms into the room]

Alexis: aaaah her she is.

[Superwoman storms over to Alexis and lifts her into the air.]

Claire: Where is the poison?

Alexis: Don’t panic. It’s all part of the game. I have hidden somewhere in this room a remote that can easily terminate the process. Can you find it?

[Superwoman drops Alexis and turns around the room, Identifying one box] 

Superwoman: Tell you what I’ll try the only Lead lined box in the room first.

[She opens the Box but is suddenly hit by Kryptonite from inside. Draining her powers.]

Alexis: Good Idea. Find anything nice. This is Kryptonite. It took me lots of money to find it and apparently it completely drains your powers. Is that true?

[Alexis walks over to the weakened heroine and strikes her. She falls to the ground.]

Alexis: Oh turns out it is.

[She take the kryptonite which has been fashioned into a crude necklace and hangs it round Superwoman neck.] 

Alexis: Marco. Take her out of my sight.

The henchman takes her away and throws her into a cell.


[Alexis is drinking champagne.]

Alexis: You know I really thought that would be harder. The world most powerful woman falls for a cheap trick. [Name of Henchman] does that make me the worlds most powerful woman?

Henchman: Dunno boss. Can you bend steel? 

Alexis: It's a fair point. But no one should have that much power. We can't have gods walking among men, can we? 

Henchman: No I guess not.

Alexis: With my billions of dollars of money that I earned this power through blood sweat tears and hard work. I should rule the world, Especially now with her out the way. 

Henchman: But you didn't earn that money through hard work you married old billionaires and got them to leave you there money in there wills when they died.

Alexis: Shut up [name of henchman[! It's not like they needed the money where they were going.

Call the president. Tell him I want a 10 figure sum in my account, or I release the Missiles with the poison in and do me a favour. Kill the bint. 


He leaves conflicted to where Superwoman lies. He picks up the Kryptonite from her neck, and she begins to breathe much more freely. 

Superwoman: Wah…… why? 

Henchman: I’m sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing. But now I know what the right thing is. You need to go……stop her. Please.

Superwoman: What’s your name?

Henchman: [Name of henchman]

Superwoman: [Name of Henchman]……Thank you.


[She walks back into the lair, and Alexis sits. Looking disappointed.] 

Alexis: Did my muscle bottle it?

Superwoman: You’re going to jail for a long time.

[Alexis Smiles.]

Alexis: We'll see. She launches the missile by pressing a button. 

Superwoman flies off after the missiles. 

INT Office

[Claire sits at her desk typing. More noise on the radio about the thwarted bio attack and Alexis Arrest. Claire smiles]
Claire [typing at her computer]: And then Superwoman saved the day again. No one knows who she is, but we know she stands for True, Justice and the American way. 
[Lewis walks past]
Claire: did you want to go to a movie or something this weekend? 
Lewis: Sorry Claire in erm not interested. 
Claire [to herself] if only you knew
Lewis: What was that
Claire: I said I bet you won't say no to superwoman. 
Lewis: Yea but your not superwoman.

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15 Jan 2019 13:39 #62650 by d_k_c
Replied by d_k_c on topic Work shop idea
Good story! Going to go ahead and say you’re a tad over budget. But it doesn’t matter if it’s UK or US dollars, or euros ....try to be under 10,000. But at The end of the story - justify your costs. 

Keep in mind this is an idea for WS - not the actual Ws 

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