Supergirl locations: a challenge for you all

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Brand new database page: Supergirl shooting locations .

Interesting facts about the world of Supergirl:
  • The most dangerous location in National City is Pershing Square. Not only does Kara almost get hit by a car and injure her arm while at its western corner (Human for a Day), but its southern corner has almost been blown up by a bomb (How Does She Do It?), and destroyed by Red Tornado's whirlwind (Red Faced.)
  • Maxwell Lord is so paranoid about the DEO getting hold of his secrets, his office is actually in Germany.
  • Kara is more careful about concealing her secret identity that we might think. In the pilot, after witnessing Alex's ailing plane cross the sky, Kara whips off her glasses and heads out of shot to find a place to take off. But, craftily, unseen by the camera she doubles back on herself, because the alleyway she uses is located in the opposite direction.
You can help...

At the foot of the page, below the map, is a list of unidentified locations, plus visual clues. Can you figure out where they are..? There's no prize, just bragging rights.


Supergirl Pre-Crisis Chronology:
Supergirl: the Life and Times of Kara Zor-El:

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