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There are several things that I would like to comment on. First and formost, TV is a visual medium. MB is a very cute, talented actress who looks great in her red and blues. She is incredible at playing the sensitive, wholesome all-American girl next door which is really kind of funny since she is not even from this planet! The next thing is that TV is a business. Do you really think that the show's producers would spend all that money for the Queen's ship and the computer graphics with the outside shots for one episode? And did you see how evil and bitchy Teri Hatcher has been made to look? And she is super! What, no evil Superwoman fans left on this site? Do you really think that she is going to go away quietly into the night? I think she is going to cause Kara A HUGE amount of trouble. I just hope that they don't let the Queen blackmail Kara into giving herself up so that the Superfriends can save her once again.

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24 Mar 2017 21:25 #53320 by shadar
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I think R5 nailed it:

"Note to the casual reader: many active members of this forum are older than the typical tv show demographic, and have grown up with the character of Kara Zor-El (some of them since Action Comics #252.) Their views on the Supergirl show will reflect that bias."

I've seen all along that the show is pitched to a far younger audience than me. I had hoped that my long-time interest in SG would transcend that and let me enjoy the show. But to my great surprise, that hasn't been the case.

The intelligence thing (or the lack thereof) is perhaps the biggest problem with the writing.

That said... most shows are pitched at a demographic. If you are far, far outside that demographic, they don't work. So I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. We long suffering fans wanted a show that did our favorite character right. We didn't get it so we complain.

That shouldn't bother the people who like the show. Do your own thing. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
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