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I didn't realize there was a patreon subforum!

Hi! You might know me for my very first story, Linda, or some of the products I've sold on gumroad like Cafe of Dreams and Play Yvy Play. My patreon is almost 1 month old now! I am publishing content almost every single day, upwards of 8000+ (this is a lowball) words a week currently. This will probably drop off a little, but it is going to hold steady for at least a month, possibly longer.

Right now I am posting early access to Diary of a Toy on Mondays. Tuesday and Thursday are caption days. Wednesday, I post my commission work. Fridays are patreon exclusive story 1, No More Cliques. Satuday is patreon exclusive story 2, Tolerable Cruelty. Sundays are CYOA patreon exclusive 3, Jackie, where patrons can vote how the story will continue!

And sometimes on Sundays, I upload a spur of a moment story that I wrote over the weekend. The last Surprise Sunday was 7,000 words!

If you want to read my body of work, there's lots in the storybank, and all of the public content is available here:

Thanks for reading!
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