Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds

02 May 2018 06:30 #59349 by shadar
Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds was created by shadar
A step back from the excellent 3x15, I thought. Seems like the episode's take aways are:

1) Appealing to the humans inside the World Killers is a bust. Just have to kill them. Which didn't happen in Imra and Mon-El's future timeline. The heroes all failed at this juncture. But now the future people are going to work with the DEO to save Imra's dead sister by changing the past to change the future. Careful, Imra, Brainy and Mon-El... that's tricky stuff. Never a free lunch.

2) Lena goes behind the backs of all her friends without any justifiable reason other than to go Luthor on us.

3) All the superheroes at the DEO and from the future are helpless before the World Killers, now that they are together. Imra is the most effective, but of course, Kara holds her back, setting up a simple morality lesson. If killing one person can save millions, does Supergirl give up her promise not to kill?

Obviously, this is a setup for some great breakthrough by the heroes that is unrelated to their special abilities, given those abilities proved useless against the Killers this week. Or maybe Kara will suddenly do the 100x increase in powers thing and go beat them all up.

Oh, and Earth is about to be more or less destroyed by the Killers, and where is Superman again? Oh yeah, in another city. Too far away to get involved in merely saving Earth and the future.

We all knew the Killers were going to eventually get together, and this episode appears designed to cover that ground as simply and quickly as possible to set the stage for a big fight and chance for the initially beaten heroes to be heroic.

Now that things are very, very terribly bad, it's time for the magical Deus ex Machina thing. .

The only question is whether next week deepens the despair, or they make that magical discovery that will get rid of the Killers after another week or two of fighting to finish the season.

Hopefully, a good show will follow this not so good one. They seemed to be going up and down this season.

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02 May 2018 11:11 #59351 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds
Totally agree with your review Shadar.

This weeks episode was a step down from 3x15 of the previous week (though to be fair, its still miles ahead of 3x14).

The "dead sister" trope has been used as a moral quandary quite recently, which is a bit of a let down. I remember in last seasons finale of Legends, Sarah having the exact same problem - change reality to save her sister. They should really go speak to Barry about that. He should know more then others about messing with time lol :D

I take the point about Lena, though perhaps its actually pretty cool the she is embracing more of her Luther DNA :) Personally, Lena and Sam to me are absolutely excellent as characters, and imo, the best performers on the show by a long way :) Love watching them individually, and also when they are together (see last weeks amazing scene :P ).

Superman not being on the show to save the day, I'm fine with that tbh. It's Kara's show so I'm glad they don't wheel him out when the proverbial s**t hits the fan. Sure, it takes some mental gymnastics to explain way, but I feel its much better for the show, then simply having him show up in crisis moments. Plus, who knows if he isn't gonna make an appearance in the last few episodes.

Overall, this did have a feeling of a little filler, in that the point of the episode was to introduce the last world killer and get them together. I was fine with Pestilence tbh, even though I didn't fall for the fake out at the beginning. Being CW, I knew she just had to be Asian lol :D I like the little fact that she kills through disease, even though her job is to prevent that. A cute touch for sure (better then Purity, who I think is the weakest of the three in terms of character and powers. She feels to me like Siren/Black Siren).

Hopefully the writers can get it together for the season finale, as it has definatley been up and down so far since the hiatus.

Saying that, they did deliver an excellent finale to season 2, which was much worse then this season in terms of story. So I have faith :)

I just can't help feeling that something has changed. The first 12 episodes were so fantastic, I wonder what has happened? Did Kreisberg really have that much say in the quality, since he was there in the beginning and is the only major change since?

Anyway, go Team Supergirl. Nail that landing :D



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02 May 2018 16:02 #59355 by algae2k
Replied by algae2k on topic Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds
Odd that Lena had to keep electrocuting Sam more and more to bring out Reign when it all it took was threatening separation from Ruby to do the trick before...

The fist bump between J'onn and Jimmy seemed a bit out of place; I'm not sure why.

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02 May 2018 18:06 #59356 by shadar
Replied by shadar on topic Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds
My thought on Superman is that the heroes are going to need every ounce of strength they've got to defeat three World Killers and save Earth. Or at least, that's how they've set it up in the show.

And last I heard, Superman still had a few ounces left in him.

It doesn't take anything away to have him join in, but just be one of the heroes, and not "Oh, this is silly. Stop now" kind of omnipotent power.

I agree with K that its neat to see the Luthor-ness coming out of Lena, and she and Sam were very good in their scenes, it's just that those scenes completely destroyed any kind of trust that existed between Kara and Lena, and Lena and Sam.

Maybe that's the point... build up a cool friendship and after the audience begins to enjoy the friendly threesome, then blow them apart beyond any hope of redemption. Friends become enemies. And old Luthor theme.

George RR Martin would also approve.

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03 May 2018 10:33 - 03 May 2018 10:34 #59358 by Markiehoe
Replied by Markiehoe on topic Season 3 x 16 Of Two Minds
Supergirl in costume the entire episode!

Imra needs a makeover.
Such a beauty and what a great figure.
She gets the old, pretty boring, black body suit treatment..

As does Purity

As does Pestilence

Honestly I could not find ONE picture of Pestilence in costume online.
The ONE picture of Puritry I found was an un official one I found on the actresses social media.

C'mon CW WTH?
You flood the Internet with spoilers but we can not get official pictures days after the episode airs.

I would be promoting the show with pictures and videos of the Worldkillers, in sexier costumes, if I was in charge.

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