The Super Red Menace

12 Sep 2009 23:34 #16725 by Berkhart
The Super Red Menace was created by Berkhart
At first, it looked like a normal military parade: the kind seen almost daily in Beijing.

The Chinese government had a different objective in mind this time though. They wanted the world to witness what was to come, and as a result, they broadcast the proceedings throughout the planet. Every television channel on Earth displayed, neat columns of young Chinese women marching proudly in step. The stone faced girls appeared in a seemingly endless wave...

First by the hundreds,

Then thousands,

Then tens upon tens of thousands...

The camera panned over the formation, while a caption displayed on television screens read, “HALF MILLION WOMEN: MARCHING TOWARDS GREATER CHINESE GLORY”

After several minutes, the footage returned to the front of the formation. As the young women continued on their march, a green energy washed over each passing rank. Within seconds, the crisp sounds of boots clicking smartly on concrete was replaced by thunderous BOOMS. The television camera focused on the ground beneath the marching army, and revealed the sight of each woman’s footstep shattering concrete easily.

As the girls reached a predetermined point, they lifted off the ground...flying under their own power. China’s new super-woman army was unleashed...

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14 Sep 2009 23:26 #16737 by eavatar
Replied by eavatar on topic Re: The Super Red Menace
Fast, close this topic before Geek7 read it and add this idea to his universe! :lol:

Going ahead is the only one way to go to the future.

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03 Oct 2009 18:24 #16897 by argonaut
Replied by argonaut on topic Re: The Super Red Menace
Great little vignette, Berkhart. Good to hear from you again.

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