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Gotham City (AP)

Police officials have identified a young woman as the suspect in a recent string of strong armed robberies after the recent assault of two Gotham police officers. Officials released security camera footage to the public in hopes that someone can help identifying the suspect. The incident occurred early Saturday morning in an alley behind the police station.

The security camera footage shows the two officers confronting the young woman and appear to be questioning her. The suspect, dressed in a tank top, short skirt and black army boots, then turns and begins to walk away when one of the officers reaches out and grabs her by the arm. The suspect then whirls around and strikes the officer on the chin with a closed fist, knocking him unconscious. The footage then shows the second officer rushing her with his billy club and then they struggle briefly before she manages to wrench the club from his grasp and tosses it away. The female suspect then lands a furious volley of blows on the officer's body as he drops to one knee. She is then seen grabbing the officer by his shirt collar and lifting him to his feet before repeatedly slamming his head into the hood of a nearby car. When the officer's body appears to go limp, the suspect then grabs him by the belt buckle and shirt collar and heaves him into a nearby garbage dumpster. She then walks over to the second officer and drags him to the dumpster before heaving him into the receptacle in a similar manner.

The footage then shows the young woman getting into the officers' police car and driving off. The police car was later discovered after it had been abandoned and set on fire in a nearby parking lot. The two officers were discovered a short time later. One was admitted into the hospital with a broken jaw, while the second officer suffered a fractured skull and numerous broken ribs and bruises.

Police officials describe the suspect as a young woman, approximately 18 to 20 years old, about 5 feet tall and weighing an estimated 110 pounds. Despite her small stature, officials are calling her "extremely dangerous" and warned the public not to approach her but, to immediately call 911. Police officials also released an artist's depiction of what the subject might look like.

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(Story version for fun...)

"PCP is a hell of drug" said Franklin. "Hell of a drug"

Silence from the back seat.

"You kay?" asked Franklin

"Still hurts" said Richards as he clutched her arm where she had bit him. Lucky it didn't break the skin but it had broken through fabric and cloth.

The woman in the backseat was silent. Five Feet nothing, a small very pretty girl wearing combat boots A tank top and dress combo that emphasized the fact that she was frail and thin, and no ID or wallet. Not even a phone.

Richard looked at her in the mirror. She was sitting silently-very silently not even moving at all.

"We can get you some help" said Franklin in his jocular way. "This is all knives and daggers, and it will be...but you'll see"

Franklin had been on the street longer then Richards, had a sense that something was worth saving on the street, something that they could do well. Wonder why he was in the part of town that was about as far from that then as possible. Richards at least asked for this district.

"You did three robberies we can prove you on from the tape " said Richards "i ain't The DA but your looking at 10 years for those. An add that assaulting an officer..."


"Will see how things go" said Franklin "its not as bad as all that"

Richards looked at Franklin.

Silence. not even an expression. she had this kind of black makeup on. Goth wasn't the word any more, some kind of Emo..or these days.

She had put up a hell of a struggle for a woman who weighed maybe 110 pounds soaping wet when they found her in the back of the electronics store after a clerk who had stayed late has called her in..had to tackle her. if Richards hadn't gotten an element of surprise with his taser he wondered if she would have gotten away.

And silence.

"Whats your name at least?" asked Franklin.

"Now i would say your name is bitch" said Richards "what they are going to call you in prison...but ahh i think your lucky enough to be the one calling the other people that. your going to have to enjoy it. 15 years good behavior...but you ain't going to be good. your a caged animal that's what you fucking deserve"

"You been on the street long?"

"Fuck you" said Richards "shes not worth it."

They pulled into the police station lot

"Everyone's worth something" said Franklin.

The lot was empty as they got in around 2 Am a kind of dark empty mass. Richards got out of the car and looked at his jacket better standing up. the uniform cost 150 bucks and he get it reimbursed but fuck..fuck.

He opened the door to the back but paused to look at it again. that was perhaps the mistake, because now is when she decided to move.

He turned his head back to see in the second or so he had been distracted she had gotten out of the car and was walking away.

"Oh fuck" he said "just stay where you are.. you don't want to be any more trouble"

She kept walking her hands in front of her cause she was fucking handcuffed.

"Miss" said Franklin coming round the car, coming up to her quickly putting a hand on her shoulder.


The fist came up with whirl spinning around in a perfectly pale small mass right in his chin.


Franklin got hit in the kisser and Richards could see that in two seconds nothing was going at he crumpled to the ground. just crumpled.

It wasn't like in boxing when you fall back...but his knees came out beneath him and...then he fell back.

Richards then noticed that nice little jewelry of handcuffs had been partially pulled off her left hand. fun that. such dainty little hands.

She was 5 feet away from he reached for his club. He was in position to..

She grabbed his hand before it fully extended from the club holster moving at incredible speed.

Franklin had been her being merciful.

He tried to turn to run, which was stupid as she hit him across the face with a solid smack that nearly broke his skull.

She looked at him as he reeled over.

And there wasn't something in her eyes. there was something in her face.

He was the one she wanted to suffer.

He looked up as she dropped the club.

There was so many punches, so many quick darting blows to the chest, it felt like he was having his wind blown out by a dozen quick of burning iron.

It was all he could do to breath, and when he did he coughed blood all over his torn suit.

He looked at her as she grabbed him by the color of his shirt..and with two hands lifted him off the ground...the feeling of choaking gagging was all he could to..

He looked at her in the eyes...but she said nothing. there was a look as if this had been no effort, no work, nothing. he had been nothing to her. not even anger. she wasn't sweating.

He tried to say something he would forget....

As she grabbed his head and hit against the hood of a car.

Then again

And again

Around the forth time he fell unconscious.


"What the fuck?"

Richards woke up in the dumpster of the station. he wished it had been the hospital...he wished...

Everything hurt so much...the blissful pain of unconsciousness..

"What the fuck happened?"

He moaned loudly as if to alert anyone that's about all he was good for any more.

his eyes caught another body next to him. Franklin something he guessed but all he could sense was pain.

"Jesus its in the dumpster" heard a voice as he guessed this was over.

he turned his head as it was opened lazily to look up to see Sergeant Hastings looking in.

"What the fuck happened?"

Richards paused and attempted to think of an answer in a heavily concussed mind " a hella of a drug"

But he knew...he knew that wasn't it.

However who ever she was...where ever she was.... Whatever she was that wasn't it.

She was something else.
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19 Oct 2015 21:05 #44630 by Newshound
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Thanks for the cool story :)

As I said in previous threads, I normally like big, powerful amazons.

Just recently, I've begun to appreciate small, tiny women standing around 5 feet tall, capable of taking out several large men without even breaking a sweat.

Anna Kendrick, Avril Lavigne, Emma Roberts, etc...

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22 Oct 2015 13:53 #44672 by D_Berkhart
Replied by D_Berkhart on topic News Story I'd Like To See
That was great Newshound. I always enjoy reading or writing a super girl news article. Also share your interest in more petite women with superior strength!

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23 Oct 2015 04:16 #44678 by castor
Replied by castor on topic News Story I'd Like To See
(Quick Sequal mainly based on one word in the original story)

"Its such a shame" said Alfred reading the morning paper as he brought it down "people always say, why does the Gotham PD even bother trying to catch criminals. And then Things like this happens

"i don't blaim them Alfred "said Bruce " i am not sure what i would have done much better looking at the tape"

Alfred looked down at the figure sitting at his computer watching tape. Now people may say he was two people, but Alfred knew there where three. Bruce Wayne, the Bon Vi-ant
Playboy but who had a good heart-the figure i think was intended as a joke but Alfred did rather like. There was Batman, a fearsome monster to the wicked a devil in the old
testament sense. And there was the man in front of him- a third one who sometimes admired fear, pain, confusion if almost never joy. A person who Alfred found it his job to
take care and spend his life to caring for despite himself sometimes.

"Some kind of Superhuman, metahuman what are you calling it these days"

"The Reports say the initial belief was drugs..but i doubt that. Nothing i know could cause that-maybe venom but not likely this case. "

"So a superpowered 20 year old with a bad temper"

"She was initially brought down by a taser-but the police suspect everything was an act. Shes super strong to at least a limited degree, probably stronger then i am"

"Your not super strong"

Bruce grunted "the tape suggests very fast reflexes-i am also going to suggest faster"

"So Stronger and Faster, maybe tougher" said Alfred "A wonderful combination"

"And willing to commit violence and mayhem" said Bruce "She stole a police car drove it half mile to Wilkers Taco shop...then burned it. Hats not just fleeing that's putting
herself in more danger-thatch a statement..that's telling us something"

"That she is a dangerous person who normal people should mess with" said Alfred "Which is good"

"Freaks in this city often wear masks " said Bruce getting up "Clown makeup, Firefly Wings...she was wearing a dress- if anything that makes her more dangerous"

Alfred shook his head as he watched Bruce go to his costume shelf with an eye roll "Your going to investigate the scene of the crime"

"The police Did a pretty good job actually- Soil Sample that's only found of Cryton island." said Bruce "But they just didn't figure it out. They found the match, did an analysis-its from The Flameproof Match company"

"That sounds..."

he dressed for the occasion.

"They print promotional boxes match boxes-in Cleveland. only one person steadily buys from them in this city is Haskel Westings..Hes a nightclub owner in Cryton"

"You think hes involved"

Batman put on his cowl. "Maybe. I made a note of it in the batcomputer because i have suspected hes cocaine - or maybe she was just in one of his five nightclubs"


Batman stood on a roof across from the Rocket Lounge. he looked through a pair of Binoculars

This was tricky. Batman maybe once or twice a month would enter some seedy criminal dive beat everyone and shake it up for information-some dark bar, scuzzy smoke filled place with chipped tiles and boozy air.

This did not describe the Rocket Lounge. At 9:30 there where maybe a hundred people in it, club kids mainly listening to...hottest was the word that typically used to describe
the dancy top 40s music they played but even batman realized that was not the correct word. The crowd was all pretty much under 25, he guessed a lot of them much younger,
coming to a place where they probabbly didn't card to closely and return delivered drinks that where a touch watered down, all with Decour that vaguely suggested Rockets and
space travel out of some kind of theme park.

Great place.

Not a Batman Kind of place. You couldn't rush in and beat up a 100 confused college kids to establish dominance.

He needed a different strategy.


"That's a pretty good fake ID" said Kyle as he looked down at the guy beneath him(when you 6'3 most guys are beneath you)

"Thanks" said 'Rick Maskar from central city' "Can i get in"

"No" said Kyle "Get lost". But he said it with a smile. Kyle was 6'3 230 pounds of muscle and tattoos..but he didn't have a bad Attitude. He prided himself on that. He worked
as a doorman and a bouncer, but that didn't mean he was a shit head.

the line looked pretty empty he looked to the cashier "Going to take a piss"

he walked through the throngs of pretty young things who where kinda dancing to the john. He admired them

There was of course a line. He could have pushed his way through it...but well he was a nice guy.

"Hey Kyle" said a voice" Can you help us lift something in the backroom"

Kyle nodded and seeing the door to the storeroom partially open walked in "Sure what do you nee"

When he was grabbed with a hard pull into the wall

and a monster went into his face with a harsh roar

"I need information" said a black mass, a black void glowing eyes " i need

Kyle tried to struggle but found that everything in front of him was solid he whimpered.

Across the wall flickered a projected image a face a body, a picture of some girl

"Do you know her?"


"Do you know her?"

"No..i have never seen her she in the club..i see a 200 faces a night..its a blur..its a"

"DON'T Lie to me"

"Seriously...maybe..i don't don't

"Batman" said a voice behind the shadows "Don't do that to my staff"

Batman turned to see Haskel Westings walking in. Haskel was a very rich, but also very young man, not much older then the people at his clubs- a man aspiring to be euro trash in
his Armani suits.

"Batman" he said looking at the picture "is this why you came to my place tonight

Batman looked at him with eyes of a monster "What do you know"

"if this is only thing you want i am happy to give it" said Haskel "just put down my man"

Batman kept Kyle in a body lock. Haskel sighed and stroked his temples

"Don't know her name. She doesn't come here but to the Verland room on Starlight street. Has come in maybe 5-10 times over the last two months or so. very pretty. Very Pretty.
has a couple of drinks. Sits at a table. Sometimes dances. Maybe has left the club with guy once or twice, though i can't votch for that. Never heard her say a word, though i
confess i maybe wanted to be one of the guys"

"I'm watching you Westings" said batman...and all the light in the room went out and there was a drop.

when the light turned on Hasting saw Kyle on the floor trying to catch his breath and no batman. He shook his head "This is your last night"


The Verland Room was a smaller club-it was actually a traditional nightclub in 20s It had a stage where they did DJ music some nights but mostly look kinda classy part of a
past, a series of small rooms radiating off from it.

Batman did the sensible thing. He paid a young kid 100 bucks to look in to see if he spotted her inside-and yes. She was in a small back room sipping on vodka. the kid reported
that she didn't look like someone he would feel conferrable talking to.

This again was not the kind of place that batman wanted to tangle with someone especially someone stronger-to many people. Besides if the powers was right....

around 1 AM she left, accompanied he noted by a guy of about 20 with a smile on his face. He wasn't as attractive as the guy he had paid off but was evidently braver.

As Batman looked at her directly he realized why that was important. She was beautiful gorgeous--but even though she was small something in her eye, an emotion a wire cut to
deep. Even if it read Bemused lust right now as the guy put his hands around her shoulder that vaguely looked like it was feeling a boob he could tell that could change in a

Great. He could be a potential hostage if they got into a scrape, and he didn't even Know it. Lucky guy.

Batman followed them by the rooftops watching them. He chated with her that his microphone picked up-sweet little nothings and glad to bes..but he noted she said nothing. not a
word, only a glance suggested any emotion at all. He felt bad for the guy.

She was small. the Guy was by no means big, but next to her he was a giant. no real muscle mass observable. wearing one of those black strappy party dresses that look a
little to small to wear by themselves. .

He followed them to a parking lot a block down that charge you 20 bucks for 5 hours of not being on the street. a good as spot as any. at last the broke as the guy left her
arms for a second to open the keys of the car.

when a battarang flew out went around her leg and a second latter pulled.

The woman flew up towards the side of 20 story building batman was on and got up about 10 stories up hitting the side of the building.

The guy looked confused.

The girl instantly looked mad.

However batman had been in this rodeo before there wasn't much a normal person could do.

except do an instant leg raise and grab there feet for a second.

okay not much.

she paused and saw that she was about a foot away from window sill..


batman made sure the wench was securely tied to the edge of the roof and.

there was an incredibly sharp pull as it was yanked hard.. it held very strongly.

the second pull the rope broke-it was rated for 600 pounds.

the guy still on the ground looked up "hey!" as if thinking for something helpful for to do.

batman looked down to see the window break open and her frantically climb in. he watched a second latter as the rope broke a second time and fell to the ground. smart.

Batman let his mind calculate the next step. she was running. in the building. he would have to get her. 11 floor. most likely going down. he let loose a second string calced
the distance and jumped down to the 9th floor. feeling it slightly bend as he hit the angle, then jumped through the window.

He raced through what he just realized was an office building opening the door, to the hallway to the stairwell.

he paused a quarter second that a normal observer wouldn't have noted a pause. up down.


There was weak sounds from above him in the stairwell but not bellow. he had gone to the ninth to anticipate that she was running when.

She was waiting for him.

He walked up the stairwell cautiously. He had lost the element of surprise and no need to be risky here. when dealing with superhuman, surprise fear and panic where his great
allies-hell most

the hallway was completely normal. she hadn't gone anywhere.

he could count the office she went into. a law office.

he had smoke grenade, a noise grenade, and pepper bomb in his hand. He didn't like using any of them, but well..

he kicked opened the door. tossing them. a massive bang filling the air that even though his ears where shielded from it still packed a pop. he watched the cloud of toxic gas
and through his night vision goggle

he got kicked from behind.


the kick was very hard hitting his armored back about as good as he could take it, he stumbled and hit a desk forward. the woman stood in the hallway clearly not wanting to
bear the brunt of the smoke. this was Batmans advantage as he got up the desk and came at her with a quick blow to the neck..

which she countered grabbing his hand and tossing him into the wall of the small hallway. this again hurt and the wall looked like it had been damaged.

what had..

was irrelevant batman sized her up. She was a striker. not much observable style. he dodged a third punch to his face and rolled out down the hall a bit. normally tight
corridors favored him, but as big a space as possible to move. she was fast and very strong. the only real combat advantage he had was height and strike distance, and he hoped
armor. it was a question he got-how much did it do. Plenty but less then you wanted some night. and tonight was already that night.

He noted one of the other doors was open ever so slightly. clever. she had some how doubled through the building-maybe through the building walls themselves for all he knew.

The 9th floor lobby was a decent size space bigger then most with a floral patterns, and a large window. Batman real led into it as she came after with a massive superman style
punch that clipped his shoulder breaking off one of the little pieces of plastic on it. batman spinned and grabbed her and tossed her head into a wall using her own momentum. it
caused her to real back.

she felt pain that was useful to know.

He turned it on with a flip of a thumb. Tasers where again something he didn't usually use, but he knew that worked against her as he jabbed it into her behind.. there where a
massive jowl as electricity filled the air and even under his filtering mask the smell of ozone. he had set it for the kind of taser that would take down a horse.

which is perhaps appropriate as a second latter she kicked him in the back like a horse did, and he flew backwards hitting the ground hearing the sad crack of his cowl
against the tile.

better that then his skull

when she grabbed his body armor lifted him over her head with both hands and smashed him into the elevator over and over again like a freight train pushing his head into the
bronzed metal, then dropped him and started punching him over and over again a dozen times a minute in a quick blur of power punches to his chest and unprotected jaw breaking
it in the process .

He felt this. Batman could take a lot of pain was used to a lot of pain but there was something about this, something how awful it was.

however his cowl prevented him from taking a shot that would knock him out. he wished it did for a split second as he couldn't even begin to think of answer to her now

"Hey Efie?"

she paused. it was the guy from the club. he ha d climbed up the stairs. she had a confused look on her face for a second and turned her head to look stopping her attack.

batman saw him only for a second his weird strange look as he saw the girl holding up the mangled man. He used this opportunity

he ran. Ran as fast as he could to the large window and jumped out, feeling almost to pained he realized in mid air to pull out the rope hook to pull him up only barely able to
drag against the wall to the protection of the roof feeling the wind the blood everything knocked out against him.

Batman hated to run. hated to flee, hated to be weak or powerless. or

the man the poor man in there..what would the monster do to him for distracting her as she finished her prey.

Batman shuddered.
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That's a coincidence as, I had been dreaming of a scenario where she beats the crap out of Superman and Batman at the same time.

It's a typical slow news day when, Superman hears a call about a jewelry store heist. He gets there to see that it's just a teenage girl. He wonders what kind of drugs must she be on to try to rob a store with just her bare hands. He takes her by the arm and says,"Let's go miss.", thinking he will just lead her outside and turn her over to waiting police officers.

His first surprise comes when he tugs her arm and the petite teen doesn't budge an inch. Then Batman arrives on the scene and all hell breaks lose.

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